Shane Kim: Japan is a Longer-Term Effort

Shane Kim, the newly-promoted corporate VP for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment business, has told that he's hopeful the company will "turn our fortunes around" in Japan - over time.

Following hot on the heels of the launch of a number of Square Enix and Namco Bandai RPG titles for the region earlier this week, Kim explained that the company was happy to take a long-term view in order to achieve success in the Sony and Nintendo homeland.

"We've been very realistic about our near-to-mid term opportunities in Japan, specifically with respect to the current console generation," he said shortly before his promotion was announced. "Obviously it's a challenging market with well entrenched competitors.

"I'm excited to see developments such as the new RPGs from Japanese developers - I think that's a recognition in the developer-publisher community that the Xbox 360 is a great platform, and we've got a great installed base in the rest of the world."

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heyheyhey3781d ago

ooooooh great.... the abominable yap has opened

can we at least use a different picture for these, like say..... Kim getting bumraped by a talking snowman?

Rhezin3781d ago

you guys had some past beef or sumtin? Seems like you want to jump this dude rather than talk sh!t.

anyway, this isn't the best of news that means more jrpg rrpgs rolflorrrpgpgss or whatever the fawk for 360. Please no more lost odyssey's and vesperias, instead more gears, fables and far crys.