The future of PC gaming: GPUs and 4K monitors

We dream of futuristic graphics cards with chrome Hot Rod piping and names as cool as The Pixelator. In reality, future graphics cards won't be human-sized or be styled after 1950s automobiles, but they will be faster than what we're running today. More importantly, APIs like AMD's Mantle will let our computers talk directly to our graphics cards, delivering better performance through more efficient coding. And we're going to need that performance, since 4K monitors are already on the horizon. Here's our look at the 2014 GPU landscape and the future of 4K displays.

ravensly3212d ago

4k the thing only consoles can dream

Jdoki3212d ago

Yeah dude, enjoy playing Uncharted 4 and Halo 5 at 4k on PC...

Psychotica3212d ago

Most PC gamers who can afford 4K have the consoles as well. They aren't relying on mom & dad to buy stuff for them.

Jdoki3212d ago

Sorry? What? That's impossible... I heard that as soon as you get a 4k screen your 'PC Elitist' membership card turns up in the post, and anyone found also owning a console is forced to play Zelda's Adventure on CD-i until they repent or go insane.

Stapleface3212d ago

I think you came into the wrong article if your going to be offended by facts stated by pc gamers. Yes that was kind of fanboyish, but that doesn't take away from the truth of his statement. Also I have to agree with Psychotica that most people who can afford a high end pc also have consoles. So they don't miss out on any of those exclusives which would without any doubt what so ever, look better on pc IF they were released there. It's too bad UC4 with it's beautiful visuals will never be seen past 1080p except for by the devs. I'm sure they play with those settings while they are MAKING THOSE GAMES ON THEIR PC's. lol

Jdoki3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Offended? Lol.

I was just pointing out the stupidity of ravensly's comment. The first comment on the article is not about the article, it's idiotic 'PC Master Race' rubbish.

I play games not tech specs. And I can guarantee that my enjoyment of playing exclusive games at 1080p (or, shock horror... lower!) on my consoles is every bit as good as my enjoyment playing exclusive games at 1440p on my PC.

Stating that console games would look better on PC is completely moot - as titles like Uncharted 4 will never come to PC.

And to make a huge generalisation about people who game only on consoles having stuff bought by their Mom and Dad is just asinine.

aquamala3212d ago

and what console do you have that can play exclusives on other platforms?

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Jdoki3212d ago

Personally I'd prefer to see more 21:9 ultra wide screens aimed at gamers.

A gaming version of LG's 3440 x 1440 screen would be great. I find that resolution nicer for both work, and playing games.

Not sure I really see the benefit of 4K for me.

traumadisaster3212d ago

Was it "not for you" going from 800x600 to HD? Every 5 years resolution has increased for decades, and no one goes backwards buying a 1368x720 monitor. Yes, increased resoulution is better just depends on the price point my brotha. I've been gaming at 4096x2160p for over a year and a half and 1080 looks like rough.

Jdoki3212d ago

21:9 at 3440x1440 isn't a backwards step... It's a side step in to a totally different aspect ratio of screen.

Just as there was a significant difference when things moved from 4:3 to 16:9 ratio - it is a hugely different experience moving to 21:9

So whether the resolution is 3440x1440 or 4096x2160 or 5120x2160 (the largest resolution 21:9 screen you can get) is not my point.

For those who want a traditional 16:9 screen at 4k resolution - great. But I also hope that we see some Ultra Wide format monitors that are tailored to gaming - For things like racing games it is the next best thing to multi-monitor set-ups.

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TheBoy3212d ago

Future of console gaming, 900p 30 FPS, low end hardware.

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pastysmash3212d ago

Future of PC gaming.

(At least in the UK) More astronomical prices for Hardware on their way.

Psychotica3212d ago

I almost invested in 4k this summer until I read about problems such as gaming menus with fonts so small they are very hard to read. The killer for me was the refresh rates for monitors <$1000.

Stapleface3212d ago

Go with a 1440p monitor. They are beautiful, have good refresh rates, and takes way less to run than 4k. Fonts are not too small, at least not for me.

traumadisaster3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

60hz too slow? 4k tvs were 30hz last year, this year they do 60 and nvidia released updated drivers for their cards to do 60hz at 4k. Windows has the ability to increase font size and only a few games had small in game font, majority are perfect.

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