Microsoft's Bach on Zune Games, PSP

via Next-Gen:

"While Microsoft has always stood behind the Zune (which is housed under the same division as Xbox), it hasn't been able to touch the success of that other music and media player, the iPod.

But when comparing the Zune to a more gaming-related media device, Sony's PSP, Bach argues that the Zune compares favorably, in an interview with Venture Beat.

"The PSP is a reasonably successful product at the profit-and-loss level. But as a product concept, there are cautionary tales to learn from it," he told journalist Dean Takahashi. "While it is good at producing audio, it's not a good music player because it doesn't have local storage (except for flash memory slots). You can't keep your music there."

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BulletToothtony3780d ago

and second why do they always feel pressured to point at sony when it comes to their products... do these people have really nothing good to say about themselves????

Their way of dealing with public relations is becoming quite pathetic..

gerol3779d ago

what is it? never heard of it...