Game on, game pwnd: Thinking about a PS3? This is the week

One of the things that has been learned from this generation of the console wars is that platforms are important to some consumers, but it is platform-exclusive games that rule at retail.

Nintendo kills with its whole innovative concept, but consistently get bumps from games like "Mario Cart," the Zelda franchise and "Super Mario Galaxy." The Xbox 360 rode to its success on "Halo 3," "Gears of War" (perhaps the best video game commercial in recent memory) and "BioShock" (coming to the PlayStation 3 in October), while the choices for PlayStation 3 have been a little slim.

Today that changes with "Metal Gear Solid 4" hitting the world as an exclusive. Price has also held the PS3 back, and (at $59.99) it is cheaper than it was. But new today is the MGS4 bundle that gives consumers the game, a fancy "Metal Gear" console with an 80-gig hard drive and, if you buy it at Wal-Mart, a $100 gift card.

Wal-Mart wants the Blu-ray player to catch on so it can sell $39 movies, so the $100 offer is valid for all Blu-ray players, which includes the PS3. Since the price for the gaming console and any player is virtually the same, buying the MGS4 bundle is a no-brainer. The problem may be finding one.

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TheMART3780d ago

Well, what if you hate black equipment?

Sony, where are the other colour PS3's outside of Japan you promised at the launch of the PS3?

heyheyhey3780d ago

lol, why did you approve this? weird...

jcgamer3779d ago

you are becoming an endangered species on n4g...and THE WORLD


crazy250003779d ago

when he is the last of them, the red ring of death will catch him in his sleep(or when he tries to turn it on but whatever) and pimp slap him so hard he will end up buying the MGS4 bundle (:

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Ashta3780d ago

"Wal-Mart wants the Blu-ray player to catch on so it can sell $39 movies, so the $100 offer is valid for all Blu-ray players, which includes the PS3"

Was that some sort of shot at the blu-ray movie industry? I have yet to ever see a "39 dollar movie" and considering most of the BD movies at wal-mart are being sold at the same prices at DVD's it just sounded weird.

Syko3780d ago

LOL, Go to best buy and you will see a 30-40 dollar Blu Ray. It is dumb though because I get mine off of Amazon or somewhere else. They are always $15-$20 sometimes even around $10 if you find a good deal.

Syronicus3779d ago

There are tons of BD movies out that are far less than 40 bucks. Heck, even at Wal*Mart there are 15 dollar BD's. This article, while trying to be nice, fails in some level.

Nevers3780d ago

...but I'm not holding my breath as I've called around and either everyone's sold out, have no clue as to what I'm asking about, or reluctant to tell me anything substantial. I'll keep hopin' Sony realizes more people are willing to lay down the ducats for this backwards compatible 80Gb badboy.

ItsDubC3780d ago

This is exactly why I caved and bought a PS3 yesterday morning. I had planned on waiting to buy a PS3 for more games that I like to come out, but Walmart's got a good deal w/ this one and I wanted a Blu Ray player and a new DVD player for my living room. I have no games but am in the process of getting some Blu Rays. If you can't find PS3s at Walmart, you MAY have luck at Best Buy getting a manager to match the deal. No guarantees tho.

Syko3780d ago

Still can't believe our local Wii fanboy got broke down by a Wal-Mart deal...*Shake's Head* ;)

Now I just feel ripped off for not waiting. Although after my 56" 1080p showed up I was chomping at the bit to get my Blu Ray player/PS3 lol.

ItsDubC3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I didn't mean to hurt you like that, Syko. I'm in it for the Poo Rays =) You think I might finally be able to get my 10th bubble if I confessed my undying devotion to my shiny new Blu Ray player in the PS3 section?

athlon7703779d ago

since you just "confessed my undying devotion to my shiny new Blu Ray player in the PS3 section", I will give you a bubble!

Anyway, welcome to the club, I have noticed that the DVD up-converter has good movies and bad movies. Most are great, but there are a couple (read Astronaut Farmer) that are so bad you can barely read the text.

Shadow Man3779d ago

Im thinking on getting the ps3(60gb) I saw in my local Pawnshop. I think it was $295.

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