Madden press event is Sony-exclusive

PS3 Fanboy: "EA Sports is serious about earning cred PS3 gamers. Their upcoming press event for the 20th Anniversary of Madden is an exclusively PlayStation affair. The final playable versions of this year's Madden will be present, and only the PS3 and PSP versions will be shown -- no love for the Xbox 360 or Wii.

This is an interesting change for the sports company, whose games ran at a slower framerate on PS3 than Xbox 360 last year. However, ever since former Microsoft-exec Peter Moore took over EA Sports, we've been seeing more emphasis on the PS3 versions of sports games. For example, the PS3 was the system of choice when demonstrating NCAA Football at a media event last month."

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crazy250003833d ago

I bought the football games and they had terrible frame rate and lag....was really pissed and sold them

PoSTedUP3833d ago

they messed madden 'o8 up for the ps3, i guess this is there way of making it up to us? w/e just make the game good on both consoles, if your good developers you should have gotten use to the ps3 dev kit by now : P

heyheyhey3833d ago

ahhhh, i can smell the 60fps goodness already... not that i doubted it

it would be hilarious if Sony decided to pay for exclusives and began with Madden :)

and btw EA- this ISN'T earning our respect

i don't give a sh!t about who PRESENTS the new Madden- make it run properly and then i might consider buying it this time

else il go back to Madden 07 on my PS2

crazy250003833d ago

Because they will suffer too if people find out about all the glitches..etc. I will wait for reviews and comments from people here before I buy the next game.

The Wood3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

change 'Madden' to 'SSX' an I'm all ears

I hope thats not true StalkingSilence

StalkingSilence3833d ago

i thought SSX franchise was dead for now (according to evilone, an EA employee on the NeoGAF forums)
Maybe I'm wrong.

Skip_Bayless3833d ago

Apology not accepted. I'm not buying Madden until they make a new engine. Screw the cartoon 18-inch arm character models. It's pathetic that the last gen games look more realistic than the current gen games.

sonarus3833d ago

Yea i tell myself i won't buy Madden but somehow i always do. It isn't the best game but with no competition, it will have to do

Silogon3833d ago

I haven't bought a single football game since 2k5. The reason, EA and Madden. I don't care if they released a different version of madden for the ps3 all together and it allowed you to go into the stands and drink with the fans. I still wouldn't buy it.

trancefreak3833d ago

thats the last madden i bought was 2k5 for the xbox and imo that year was good. played it like crazy too.

Max Power3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

was Gameday 97, man that was for the PS1. I am not so into sport games, but its seems that EA is actually doing a good job on it if they are willing to show it on the PS3

StalkingSilence3833d ago

I haven't bought Madden for PS3 yet. I have been buying the game for the last 10+ years with the exception of the last two. Hopefully they'll bring the PS version up to speed. I really think I'm going to have to buy it this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.