Family Pocket Gamer: Rediscovering the Game Boy heritage

Second in a series that looks at the concept of family friendly pocket gaming: "When they want to, families have a surprisingly long memory. The strong response to a recent Family Gamer column made me realise that we all have myriad skeletons in the closet and claims to fame that are told and retold over the years. Christmases, summer camps, weddings and funerals offer opportunities for us to get together and tell those old stories again. They are what define us; they are a big part of our heritage.

Video gaming, however, often seems to be almost the opposite. Such is the clamour for new, bigger and better experiences that many defining gaming moments are lost in the past. Bringing my family and my handheld gaming together has made me rethink all this. As I introduce my kids to their first handheld and mobile games, I instinctively want to share the experiences I remember from my younger years.

So, rather than starting my kids (and other half) off on the PSP, DS or high-end Nokia Nseries phones, I handed them a grey and maroon Game Boy from the early '90s. The great thing about this was that with no frame of reference they happily played the games on their own merit, rather than worrying about the four-greyscale graphics or basic synth soundtracks."

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