The future of Xbox One: early access gaming, Cortana and more

Since the Xbox One launched last November, Microsoft's latest game console has changed pretty dramatically. From "going all-in" on Kinect to offering a camera-less $400 model; from focused on TV and home entertainment to appealing directly to "core" gamers. The last year for Microsoft's Xbox division has been one massive pivot. The future sounds brighter.

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mrpsychoticstalker3213d ago

The future looks bright for the Xbox One, new features definite makes it stand out from the competition, plus the support and updates it's been getting and will get with time makes it an awesome console to own and play with.

christocolus3213d ago

They're definitly doing a great job..I'm pleased with the updates and i can't wait to see what they have planned for future updates..phil mentioned photo capture&game sharing..hpefully we get those before the fall. Would be great if they found a way to add BC to the xbox one..

Also I'm excited to see what they have planned for TGS.gamescom had some huge surprises&im hoping they do same at TGS. Maybe announce some new games and show us more of phantum dust,scale bound and d4. MS needs to partner with more devs and studios there to create some amazing exclusives. Shinji mikami, mistwalker, artoon,fromsoftware,triace. would love to see new&exclusive ips from those guys. a new blinx, otogi&lost odysee would be great too.

HugoDrax3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

"Would be great if they found a way to add BC to the xbox one"

Everything seems to be app based on the XB1, I truly believe they will find a way for backwards compatibility. I think there will be an app called XBOX 360 app, and from there maybe you will have access to all of your X360 digital purchases? Maybe. I just look at the trend, look how we will access our media on the xbox one. We will access it through the MEDIA APP. Anyhow, it's a stretch but MS has some of the best software developers in the world, I'm sure they're working on figuring out a solution.

mhunterjr3213d ago

Cortana would be right at home on xbox one. I hope the voice recognition tech they are using on mobile migrates over to Xbox, but I understand why they'd focus on other things first.

XBLSkull3213d ago

She needs to be an avatar in their plan for augmented reality too.

tgunzz3213d ago

They definitely are bringing the pain with content. The holiday wave of content (games/features) is incredibly robust, and I wouldn't want any gamer to miss out on any of it! BTW, I paid for my COD bundle set today!!!! I am 10 times more pumped for the console/controller than the game... Game on.

HugoDrax3213d ago

Nice! I have a day one edition and a launch PS4. I pre ordered the Sunset Overdrive bundle, and the Destiny White PS4 on Amazon. Enjoy your console!

tgunzz3213d ago

Merry xmas to you as well!!! Much fun ahead!

Tedakin3213d ago

Cortana is one thing that would probably require Kinect. I imagine you can slowly type on your controller, but still.

Spotie3213d ago

She couldn't work with just any old headset?

Tedakin3213d ago

You got me. Probably can.

Gr1mmyshadows3213d ago

The moment they announce Cortana is the moment my pants explode in excitement.

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