Designing a new game for the iPhone: Enter Kroll

For Digital Legends, it's been a whirlwind month. Prior to May the company had no experience developing for Mac OS X or the iPhone, but earlier this week, its newest game in development, Kroll, was featured on the keynote stage at WWDC.

The Barcelona, Spain-based game developer's engineering team has a background in PC, console and smartphone game development, but the iPhone was brand new territory, according to Unai Landa Bonilla, the company's handheld technology director.

"We decided that Kroll would be a side-scroller, that that would provide the best experience," said Bonilla. "All the things you need to make a great side-scroller are there in the iPhone's controls."

Players use the iPhone's accelerometer to jump up and down and can use touch-screen controls to activate weapons and other actions in the game.

"We call it 2.5D, because we're using polygons and 3D artwork," said Bonilla. "But the gameplay is similar to console games like God of War and Shadow of the Colossus, so we needed to find easy-to-use controls."

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