Ghostbusters Game Built To Offer Scares Or Laughs Every 15 Feet

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Like fellow Multiplayer reporter Patrick Klepek, I too grew up with the "Ghostbusters" films and plastic Proton Packs. So when I saw the Egon, Ray and Winston battling apparitions and making quips in the New York Public Library - all rendered on the PS3 - I was taken aback.

It was like watching a long-lost "Ghostbusters" sequel.

"Our intent was to combine the action of 'Gears of War' and the comedy [of the films]," Brendan Gross, development director at Terminal Reality, at a Sierra demo earlier this wee. "We tried to have something funny or scary every 15 feet."

Gross told me that his studio is trying to take greater care making a movie game than gamers would normally expect. "We're really moving more down that direction, especially with the generation three platforms," he said. For "Ghostbusters" specifically, he said it helped to have the development time frame that they had (they've been developing the game for over two years). And having worked on the "Aeon Flux" movie game, the development studio knows the pitfalls of trying to to have a product released in tandem with a licensed film."

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