Final Box Art - Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

The final boxart of the game, released on the official forums.

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Rhezin3779d ago

I don't kno the visuals looked kinda meh in the new trailer. If COD5 has COD4 visuals, I'll stick wid that WWII game.

matchgrade3763d ago

Brothers in Arms has never been about the visuals. It's a tactical, realistic shooter with a dramatic storyline, not over-the-top-action eye candy like Call of Duty. Graphics had to be sacrificed for AI and realistic environments (COD4's walls were like paper). Although Hell's Highway IS gonna have some impressive coloring and rain effects.

Also, CoD4 visuals were crap. I don't know if you noticed, but the graphics in CoD3 were far more advanced than in CoD4. It's a shame so few ppl even bothered to play it :(

matchgrade3763d ago

I expected better. The picture of the screaming guy with the generic G.I. face has Medal of Honor written all over it.