ZTGD Inside Look: PlayStation Qore

Now available from the Playstation Store is episode one of Qore, an online magazine featuring exclusive developer interviews, game previews, and behind the scenes tidbits for all those need-to-be-in-the-know gamers. You can add Qore to your downloads for the single episode cost of $2.99, or show your girlfriend you really can commit with the $24.99 investment for thirteen episodes. Annual subscribers also get the raucous good time of a download Calling All Cars, making the deal sugary sweet.

Qore opens with the Hulk trailer but if you're just too eager to get to the heart of the matter feel free to utilize the "skip" option, his Hulk-iness is available later. Immediately following is a welcome from host and industry regular Veronica Belmont, and in very Letter from the Editor format she goes over what Qore has to offer. Here, again, you have the chance to hit "skip", and as the twice-mentioned "skip" might indicate, Qore functions very much like a magazine: subscribers can flip to the good stuff by choosing what content they want to watch. There are five sections available this month, plus the Download Center, which is where you can pick up Calling All Cars, the SOCOM: Confrontation theme and the SOCOM Beta (once it's in Beta). The content is in HD, very easy to navigate, and generally a treat. Also contained within this episode of Qore is the (Easter egg!) game Death Orb. At the Menu, hit L2 for some retro gaming fun; it's a nice extra with a multiplayer option and proves fair consolation for those of us that already made the Calling All Cars investment.

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Cat3778d ago

So, Syko, you pick up Qore? ;)

Syko3778d ago

Pfft if I wanted to pay extra on my game consoles I would get a 360...Doh, Wait a sec. ;)

Short answer, No. =)

snoop_dizzle3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

I was thinking of getting qore. I might be getting it because of the demos.

MrSwede3778d ago

Nice read. Great article. I'm not too interested in this Qore thingy though...

Cat3777d ago

It's a ten-bubble party in here! You ever go to the movie theatre with your friends, and the theatre is empty so it's just you guys, talking? just saying...;)