Visa Xbox 360 Credit Card Details!

As an extension to the thrill and excitement associated with Xbox 360, Microsoft Entertainment & Devices Division has - in partnership with ICICI Bank, launched the Xbox 360 & ICICI Bank co-branded credit card.

Present at the launch were Country Manager of Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division (India), Mohit Anand; Head of Cards Product Group, ICICI Bank, Sachin Khandelwal; and Bollywood Actor & Xbox 360 Brand Ambassador, Akshay Kumar.

Announcing the launch, Mohit Anand, said, "As digital entertainment products emerge as vital constituents of consumer lifestyles today, it is imperative to explore innovative strategic tie-ups that help consumers leverage their benefits with such partnerships. With the association with ICICI Bank, this card will exclusively address lifestyle needs of the youth and the young at heart, and will also offer a host of other benefits."

Sachin Khandelwal, said, "We are pleased to be associated with Xbox 360. This unique partnership gives ICICI Bank an ideal opportunity to tap the growing co-branded segment. As market leaders in credit cards in the country, ICICI Bank has been at the forefront in delivering distinctive value to its customers through powerful features, and remains committed to grow in the market."

Each Xbox 360 & ICICI co-branded credit card entitles the customer to a 'Welcome Pack' carrying various offers and benefits from leading brands in the country.

Besides, the co-branded card would enable XBox 360 buyers avail of payment options such as Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) and discounts on Xbox plus other software and hardware products from Microsoft.

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TheXgamerLive3784d ago atleast that's what the article said, I'll go and have a look now.

Xlll3783d ago

LOL it will over heat and set your pants on fire. When you are over your limit a Red ring will show up.
"I'm sorry sir your Card RROD'ed we cannot accept this card"

DLB3784d ago

So would you guys get one of these?

ArduousAndy3783d ago

between this and the sony credit card

player9113783d ago

yea sony has their own card. Pretty neat too. You get $100 back when purchasing a PS3. That coupled with the $100 Walmart GC this week, I bought the MGS4 bundle for $299. Can't beat that.

I wonder if the MS card will have such a deal.

me_p3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

submitting a 2 year old story??

DLB3783d ago

Its making its way over to American now. Doesn't matter that the story is old, do you know how many people didn't know about this

BigKev453783d ago

So when the new Xbox system comes out, you will have a outdated credit card in the "Xbox 360" credit card. Right?

Denzelio3783d ago

some people seriously need to get a life.

imagine showing that to a girl.. is that card a toy? lol

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