NHL 15 Overhead Gameplay First Look

Here is your first look at Overhead Gameplay from NHL 15! This is the start of a new generation of hockey video games, where the sights, sounds, and feel of the fastest team sport on the planet come to life in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Check out our all-new camera angles: Dynamic Low, Dynamic Medium, and Dynamic High.

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logan_izer102498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

This looks phenomenal! So excited!

SuperBlur2498d ago

With EASHL possibly not included , i'd say its a bust . I don't play the other mode much , i'll sadly have to skip this year version

logan_izer102498d ago

Ya, I jumped the gun before I heard the news. I'm pretty pissed. It definitely didn't make the cut this year. On the ostco website on the game page, the back of the cover says local coop up to 4 players (stupid, since Xbox can do 8) and xbox live is capped at 2. Which means only 1v1. I hate this SOOOO Much! I may cancel my preorder

mopground2498d ago

game modes reveal next week. someone also posted equal evidence that theres 12 players online

SuperBlur2498d ago

@logan they sure are taking their sweet time to deny or confirm this, it's sickening the way they treat their fans , a simple acknowledgement from one person on the team to appease the worries would be much appreciated imo.

@mopground equal evidence that theres 12 players online? you mean these unknown online retailers store in europe know more then costco , futureshop and bestbuy in N/A where the game is created?

mochachino2498d ago

It hasn't been confirmed. If so I'll cancel my pre-order. It's the only mode I play.

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mochachino2498d ago

Graphics look great but the framerate seems choppy.

Abzki2498d ago

Few things that need polishing but looks fantastic considering its old beta gameplay. I personally never play it but it sucks for the people that do to hear that EASHL might not make the cut this year but I mostly play local and online 1v1 so luckily I'm not affected. Shaping up to be a great game otherwise only problem is it can't come soon enough!

karlowma2498d ago

Wow, the presentation is incredible!

No more Jim Hughson! Yay!

But they need to tone down the physics on those jerseys. Lol.

mopground2498d ago

how long have you not played an nhl?

karlowma2498d ago

2014 is the first game I skipped in a long, long time. But you're right, it has been the slightly better Gary Thorne the past couple of years. In any case, with Doc at the helm, I might make it through more than two games before disabling commentary.

Soldierone2498d ago

I'm curious why this game is on lockdown like it is. I'm super excited for it, but the game is a few weeks out and the demo is even closer, and we are still learning about it through very few details....

Still looks like the best sports title so far.

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