PS4’s The Last of Us: July’s best-seller, July’s biggest disappointment

The PlayStation 4’s biggest game of the summer missed sales expectations by 50,000 copies, according to an analyst.

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Axios23572d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Not really surprising, it was only released a year ago on PS3.

@ Lukas, I dare you to find the word "disappointing" in my comment. I'll dumb my response down for you so you can understand; I'm not surprised ANY game released for a 2nd time within a year has not met analysts expectations

@ Lukas, all is forgiven, cheers

GarrusVakarian3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Stop trolling, TLOU:R is anything but a disappointment. Top of the July NPD chart, despite only 4(?) days of it's sales being counted, and is currently sitting at 95 on metacritic (I know how much you love those metacritic numbers, Axios).

I've yet to come across a single person who owns the game who is disappointed by it. And why would they be? It's a better looking, and better running version of the most awarded game in history, with all the season pass DLC.

Some random analyst company says it's a disappointment....so it's a disappointment? Give me a break. Disappointments don't top charts after only 4 days of sales.

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XBLSkull3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

I'd call it a disappointment. Tons of perfect scores and GotY awards. It's good but not the most amazing game ever. I would give it 8/10 and I'm probably 2/3 through at this point. A solid game but my expectations were much to high.

of course its the top July seller, who releases games in July? No one, and this game is proof of why developers should spread games out and not pack them all into holiday season. We game year round and if you put out a good game we will buy it regardless of the time of year.

can anyone tell me how long the DLC content is? Not sure I wanna play more than an extra hour or two.

Sadie21003572d ago

Did you read the story? This is about sales expectations/predictions.

NewMonday3572d ago

so 50k is now a "big disappointment"? sigh!

it most likely sold many times that digitally and exceeded expectations.

HammadTheBeast3571d ago

Relax man, you took his comment completely out of context.

jebabcock3571d ago

I think there is some critical grammar here that is being ignored... "BY 50,000" implies it was 50k short of expectations. It says nothing of what total sales were...

Biggest3571d ago

"I dare you to find the word "disappointing" in my comment."

This is an easy game.

"PS4’s The Last of Us: July’s best-seller, July’s biggest disappointment"

Axios2 + 3h ago
Not really surprising, it was only released a year ago on PS3.

rainslacker3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Didn't TLOU:R sell 1.5 million on it's first day?

They were off by 50K units and they consider that a disappointment? 50K units of 1.5 million is a .03% discrepancy. Hardly a disappointment.

Maybe I'm reading this article wrong, but apparently Sony isn't disappointed in the sales, just some analyst group that got it wrong.

Overall game sales were down, but TLOU:R was most decidedly a successful launch of a game. Way to flame bait a title and article.

Rhythmattic3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )


Then don't.

Two thirds the way through ay?
If you dont know what the games about by then, and haven't enjoyed it , why even bother finishing it?

I say 1/3 your trolling, the other 2/3's is BS.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

This article is full of crap. This dude should just stick to watching his gay ass college sport.

sonarus3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

@rythematic. Not everyone has to love a game. But I like how xbl skull calls it a disappointment with an 8/10 review scores. I wish more disappointing games managed an 8/10 from me lol.

Gaming1013571d ago

For those who didn't read the article, an NCAA football game has historically been released in July and was always the top seller every year, and it's no longer being made. Analysts took into account that this is a remake in their forecast, you must take all factors into account, however the only disappointment was that it didn't meet forecasts.

It is not saying that it is in any way a low selling game overall as it is the month's best seller, or has disappointing quality. Get it now? Good.

SnakePlissken3571d ago

I was disappointed the first time it came around. In fact, I couldn't bring myself to even finish it.

Pacing was slow, felt too generic to me. Like most new games these days. I know a few others that felt the same.

Very overrated game!

Rhythmattic3569d ago

Just popping back in.....

Sooooo agree with this review.


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GarrusVakarian3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

I apologise for jumping to conclusions about your comment. In my defence, you didn't really make it clear what part you weren't surprised about.

Please accept my apology. I love you really, Axios.

Sevir3572d ago

lol @ "I love you" Lukas let that be a lesson that we can get overly serious about our hobby,

lets keep the pitch forks and torches away... we all know how amazing the last of us is!

sourav933572d ago

I see why you moved to GAF Lukas. Some people....

Conzul3572d ago

I thought Lukas was being deeply sarcastic.


GarrusVakarian3571d ago


I wasn't being sarcastic. I was an ass, so I apologised for it.

Ezz20133571d ago

"I love you really,Axios"

is that a Bromance i see ?

morganfell3571d ago

^^^You are assuming they are both males.

CrashJones3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Hey Lukas, share the love bud, and hook us up with a bubble will ya? :P

ps. I was on the shelf about picking up TLoU again, but I did, and was far from disappointed. Just an absolutely amazing gaming experience(again)... made better this time(so smooth), and with all the original DLC.

DragonKnight3571d ago

I'm not surprised you'd be confused since Axios2 is a known Xbox fanboy.

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incendy353572d ago ShowReplies(2)
princejb1343572d ago

i feel like the game didn't sell well because of the ip name
not many people know about the last of us
I'm sure if it was called something like call of duty : last of us it would have sold 5 million easily

ABeastNamedTariq3571d ago

It sold more than 5 million on PS3 though.. People know.

princejb1343571d ago


I meant for ps4

rainslacker3571d ago

It sold 1.5 million on it's first day. That's a pretty good number for any game. Particularly for a game "not many people know about".

This game will have legs going into the holiday season, so given the install base, and the reputation this game has gotten since it's PS3 release, and the fact it's $10 cheaper than most games(probably more come November), I wouldn't doubt that this game easily hits 3+ million sold by the end of the year...if it hasn't already.

Corpser3571d ago

Only on n4g are there people that think it sold 1.5 million in 24 hours , the only source for that is insiderp, a site banned in neogaf