Dead Island 2 - Electric Shotguns and Flaming Hammers Gameplay

Gamespot: Seb and Peter shoot, maul, and explode zombie hordes in Dead Island 2 multiplayer. Modify and upgrade your weapons with batteries and gasoline for maximum carnage, straight out of gamescom 2014.

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Ripsta7th2493d ago

Wow these zombies need to be a little more agressive, all i see is them wobbling around

Mikey942493d ago

Its pre alpha calm down

jollygoodchap82493d ago

Honestly after just beating the first one and Riptide they act just the same...Unless you're expecting all of them to be infected zombies (dawn of the dead running style zombies) then you're gonna be disappointed.

The prior games had different types of zombies and I'm pretty sure this one will too.

Lon3wolf2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

ooops wrong game thought it was talking about Riptide for some reason, lack of sleep.

TimidPixel2493d ago

I'm looking forward to this one. I really like the kind of utopian undertones. I didn't like the the first one or riptide that much and dying light irks me for some reason like it seems a little to familiar.