Alien: Isolation will be about 25 hours long

Earlier today GamersNET visited The Creative Assembly at Gamescom for a presentation of Alien: Isolation. Gareth Ramsay from Square Enix, who hosted the presentation, told them more about how long the game will be.

He stated that The Creative Assembly has made a preview build that "contains about 10 to 15 percent of the game". It took the people who played this built three to six hours to complete it. Ramsay said most people were done in about 3,5 hours.

If this is true, it would be fair to estimate that the full game will be 25 hours long. That is of course impressive! The information is contained in a preview, which can be found by clicking the link.

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DarkOcelet2191d ago

Holy !!! The evil within is 15-20 hours and this is 25 hours , this is so awesome ...

DigitalAnalog2190d ago

No, it's just an estimated calculation by the author's part. He's relying on the 10 - 15% data or scaled up but many games tend to ease around the 50% - 60% mark so I'm guessing by the very least, 12. 15 being the max, that's of course if you don't keep dying and saving wisely.

DarkOcelet2190d ago

15 is a great length too.

vishmarx2190d ago

it'd be impossible to play this game for 25hrs.
its not an rpg,hell its not even an action game.
survival fps start getting boring after a few hours

DigitalAnalog2190d ago

That depends on how big the levels are. Again, NOTHING indicates that this game going to last that long, this is just speculative on the author's part.

Gatsu2190d ago

Nice :), pretty long for a horror game. Totally depends on how you play though.

incendy352190d ago

Much longer than I had anticipated for sure!

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The story is too old to be commented.