Mercs 2 'tough fit' for Wii - Mercenaries port 'feels wrong' on Nintendo's console, according to Pandemic

Videogamer writes: "Upcoming open world action game Mercenaries 2 would be a "tough fit" for the Nintendo Wii, according to developer Pandemic.

Speaking to at an EA Games label event in London recently, Pandemic's Cory Lewis said that porting it over to Nintendo's motion sensing console "feels wrong".

"I think the Wii would be a tough fit for that product," Lewis told 'Not to say it won't ever happen. But just porting it over to the Wii feels wrong. I know the guys, the senior leaders at Pandemic, like Josh (Resnick) and Greg (Borrud) and Andrew (Goldman), they're very committed to when we come out with a Wii product it's going to be created for the Wii. It's going to really take advantage of what it offers, not just grabbing this and throwing it over there kind of thing.'"

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Darkiewonder3783d ago

It's okay Pandemic. you won't feel bad since most developers are doing it ;)

Voiceofreason3783d ago

I love the spin in the headline... They want an original game for WIi not a port so of course lets make the headline sound like they dont want the game on the console at all... Site is getting more and more fanboyish every day.

LinuxGuru3783d ago

Low-powered last-gen hardware = low-grade ports and shoddy remakes.


ChickeyCantor3783d ago

=) i think you barged into the wrong room =D!
You missed the open zone!

LinuxGuru3781d ago

No....that's just a correct statement that's proving itself more and more every day.