Capcom Checking eBay To See Which Games To Port

MTV Multiplayer reports:

I wondered how the company decides which games to port over to XBLA and PSN. "We go to our community to see what games should be brought back from the library," said John Diamonon, Associate Product Manager at Capcom. They look at the poll results on GameSpot, among other things.

"To choose titles to revive, we see if we can give old franchises the modern touch, and we evaluate the fanbase and see if there's a market for it," he said.

One way of checking up on "the market"? Looking up Capcom games on eBay. "Sometimes we see games on eBay, and that's how you see what games people are willing to spend $80 on," Diamonon said. "It's certainly not the only thing we do," he assured me, noticing that I was scribbling his words onto my note pad. "But sometimes we look there to assess the market value of a game."

I asked Diamonon what the most expensive Capcom title he's ever seen on eBay was. He wouldn't name specifics, but he said, "I saw some 'versus' fighting series games going for $120." (I guess he hasn't checked lately; this auction for an unopened copy of "Marvel vs. Capcom 2" ended the other day at $455.)

So will any of those be next? He laughed and cryptically said, "Capcom has a wide selection giving fans many choices."

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GodsHand3875d ago

I bought a new Marvel vs Capcom for $20 at bestbuy. Funny thing was that was the only copy they had. I call around like eb games, gamestop, to find out only one store had a used copy going for $40.

I wonder if I could sell my used copy on ebay for some major cash.

Also have SNK vs Capcom 2.

I guess thats one way to find out what people want. I would just send out a survey for capcoms fans to answer.