Metal Gear Solid 4: Will PlayStation 3 Finally Get its Halo 3? takes a closer look at this week's Metal Gear Solid 4 release. Sales of the world's best selling Blu-ray machine don't compare favorably among other game consoles and Sony hopes MGS4 can turn the tide. Could MGS4 finally give PS3 the Halo 3 it's needs?

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fork_the_lad3783d ago

Man i support xbox. But i think Halo sucks

HD300Gamr3783d ago

Read the article... it says sales of Halo 3 pushed up total Xbox 360 sales for a time.

I love Xbox 360 too but Halo 3 is okay... not the greatest game for the console though.

morganfell3783d ago

I like HALO a lot but the 360 had better hope it gets a game like this. Whew! I have been at it since 1230 last night. There isn't anything like this game out.

Jack Meahoffer3783d ago

Its about having a juggernaut massively selling game. Thats what they meant by the PS3 having a "Halo 3". I enjoyed Halo 3 for a couple months especially playing 4 player co-op with my friends through the campaign but it wasn't THAT great of a game. I haven't played it since like December last year but its still the biggest selling game... You can't take that away from it even if you think it sucks.

Thats the point of the article. This is supposed to be "Judgement Day" lets see if it can beat Halo 3's sales records.

MikeGdaGod3783d ago

i started at 12:30 this morning and didn't stop to sleep until 6AM. then woke up at 9AM and played until 11:15AM.

now i have to stop by the office and go pick up my paycheck along with a few other things, and i hope to be back by 2PM so i can play until 5:30PM since i have class tonight at 6PM. then it's MSG4 all weekend with a small NBA Finals break.

i'm glad to see there is finally a game that not only lives up to expectations, it surpasses them in every way. i am truly amazed.

n4gzz3783d ago

playing for 6 hrs and i am bit tired now :(
Moment i inserted disk, MGS4 starts. talk about loading stuff, lol you don't even feel loading. It is made such a way, in fact i quit the game and started again to see loading screen, haha. I don't care reviewer's rating. Its all pathetic, bias story. For me and all mgs fan this game is 20/10. For others it is still 10/10.
And please don't compare mgs4 with any other game 'coz kojima put his heart and soul to make this finest art unlike quick cash games.

3783d ago
morganfell3783d ago

I think you missed the point. Nothing is like this, nothing.

kingnick3783d ago

Not everyone has to like every game. I think the Halo games are all good but I've never liked the MGS games and from the reviews MGS4 hasn't changed the formula enough to appeal to me.

Domenikos3783d ago

GOW 3 is the true Halo 3 for the PS3...


mikeslemonade3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

MGS4 isn't as a big of a brand but it will sell as many systems as Halo 3 did because all the Halo fans bought the 360 when Gears came out the year before so that's why the PS3 was able to sell more systems in 2007 than the 360 did.

supahbad3782d ago

MGS has always had a very specific audience, not a small one, but it's really more for the fans(who are anyone that plays all the way through any one of them, instantly hooked, imo). it will definitely have a significant effect on console sales but will prolly never reach HALO numbers. and i don't like HALO, just being perspective, but MGS is just as important to the ps3 as HALO was to the 360

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zypher3783d ago

"Sales of the world's best selling Blu-ray machine don't compare favorably among other game consoles..."

doesn't PS3 outsell its nearest competitor in every region except the US? not sure how that amounts to "unfavorable" sales. and i hope MGS4 isn't PS3's Halo 3, considering Halo 3 wasn't all that it was cracked up to be.

Fishy Fingers3783d ago

Strange isn't it, perhaps the author is trapped in early 2007?

solidjun53783d ago

i remeber that that. It was like the black plague for the PS3!

anyway, yo fishy, you got room on your friends list to add me.


TheExecutive3783d ago

this website was a much different place last year at this time, I can tell you that!

crck3783d ago

According to NPD numbers the ps3 outsold the 360 by 25k and 10k the first 2 months of the year. While the 360 has outsold the PS3 by 5k and 1k units in March and April. So yes according to NPD data the author of this article is off his rocker.

iceman28853783d ago

It was kinda stupid, they say that the ps3 is the worst in sales by looking at the total number of consoles sold and saying the biggest gap is between 2nd (360) and 3rd (ps3). However, they make no mention that the ps3 was released about a year later, which I found funny when comparing total sales.

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Says you3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Only Americans like Halo 3 more as much as other countries and PS3 definitely does not need a game that can only go to 640p that has rigged reviews considering they didn't take away points off the HD that game displayed like 640p but when it comes to PS3 they take away points from a major game like Metal Gear Solid 4 cause the

Language is not in Spanish and the cut scenes are to long and some other kind of nonsense they do

America=Biased reviews on the planet

and for a game that sold 7 million it cant even outsell the PS3 now thats what I call pathetic

Veryangryxbot3783d ago

MS hoped Halo would have wiped the PS3 out.

Instead PS3 managed to outsell 360 in 2007 despite Halo.

Halo moved give or take 1 million 360s. MS hoped for 4-6 million.
Halo failed because most people who wanted that game already bought a 360 way before Halo was released. Thats why Halo barely moved any consoles.

The author claimed that the biggest gap is between xbox and PS3. Thats not correct actually. The biggest gap is between wii (24m) and PS3 (13m).

xbox is middle but dead in the water. PS3 WILL surpass 360 by the end of the this year.

pimpstation3783d ago

No, MGS4 isn't overrated or overhyped and doesn't suck. I guess PS3 will have to keep waiting for its Halo 2.5.

Bubble Buddy3783d ago

I'm not bashing any reviewers but I swear they give the 360 a little more room in terms of reviewing games. For example, MGS4 only got a 8.7 from Gametrailers for story? Maybe they haven't played the whole series but I'm pretty sure it deserves at least a 9.5, compared to other games, MGS4's story is like a movie. Same with graphics, Halo 3 got 10's all around while MGS4 is scattered. I might be a little picky but it seems reviewers are much easier on the 360.

Bubble Buddy3783d ago

Whoever says MGS4 is overrated has never heard of Halo 3.

syanara3782d ago

no really are we caring about this right now. Im tired of people saying oh this is a halo killer and what not but you know the ps3 DOESN'T NEED A COUNTERPART TO HALO!!!!!!! Halo 3 is a good game okay but thats 1 good game where as the ps3 has many good games that can compete but do they want to? no! I mean if Microsoft announces halo 4 I think fans might begin to get agrivated because they have done the best they can do with the series as a famous artisit once said PERFECT is something that needs nothing extra and nothing taken away halo 3 was just about perfect and same with mgs4 just about perfect but does that mean its a halo killer? NO too many people think halo 3 is the one game that can't be beat and Ill tell you something one game dosen't last forever I mean who still plays the other halos 1 & 2? they didn't lasts so why should 3? I think the ps3 knoes that they don't want one game to signify their console notice this:

when you think of nintendo you useally think of mario.
when you think of micrsoft you useally think of master cheif or halo
what do you think of when you think of sony or the ps3?

theKiller3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

we dont want an over hyped garbage killer!! halo is on the level of heavenly sword at best!! WE dont want halo 3 got it????

MGS4 is the best game mankind ever made so far!!

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fork_the_lad3783d ago


I am A BIG XBOX and WII fanboy BUT I HATE HALO. It so GAY

TheExecutive3783d ago

so what was the surprise that Kojima was going to unveil?

I think the lack of any surprise would lend credibility to the fact that it was going to be firmware 2.4 and it indeed had problems in the debugging phase.