PSP Pantsu Flashing Fighter Trailer

Punching! Pants! Chests! Here's the trailer for fan service PSP game Ikkitousen Eloquent Fist. "Eloquent" is a word play on "ero-quent" with "ero" short for erotic. So clever.

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PS360WII3832d ago

heh let me guess. Not coming to the US?

Mujo3832d ago

Omg i wanna live in japan !!! they get all theese hot aanime/hentai games !! GIEF!!! :((

Sophie3832d ago

Please, next time, can you look if the story it's not a duplicate ? Thanks.

Reibooi3832d ago

sry i did check but it didn't list the other story so i didn't know I'll try to be more careful though.

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