The Entire Game Map of The Crew

Ubisoft have revealed the entire game map for The Crew, including the missions available at launch. Over 900!

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Afistnu2238d ago

I'm quite bummed out there is nothing for the Inland Empire. The largest county of the United States being San Bernardino county. Hell, there is nothing in ALL of Texas... That's a long drive from The South and Midwest to Los Angeles or Vegas. It's so empty in the middle.

xNomaD2238d ago

It would have been cool to drive through Texas. It does seem like such an odd place to leave out.

XisThatKid2238d ago

Expansion? DLC? we can hope I guess.

Grave2238d ago

Bigger isn't always better.

SSmoke2238d ago

I guess it leaves room for DLC content..

wannabe gamer2238d ago

i played the betaand the more you zoom in the more u see on the map. i started in the chicago area and there was so much stuff to do and so many roads that i played for 3 days and barely made it out of that area. i did fast travel to the west and east coast once each just to see them. but theres so much to do in any area that its just crazy. cant wait for the next beta