5 tips to improve your skills in Battlefield Bad Company

NextGEN Gamers gives you five simple tips to improve your multi player abilities in Battlefield Bad Company.

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wolfehound223833d ago

This is a extremely fun game. I've been playing the hell out of the demo. The demo defiantly elevated this on my must buy list.

Drekken3833d ago

I am thinking the same. I was on the whole boycott EA deal, but this game is too fun to pass up.

legendkilla3833d ago

lots of fun ! i really enjoy the multi player! i will be picking this game up as soon as im done MGS4..

cinematicmatt3833d ago

yea i played it when it first came out and wasn't too impressed, though i really thought about getting it. the multi was laggy (so i thought) and the single campaign was a little quirky as well

but then i got on a couple of days ago and realized "wow, i'm not playing COD, thank god." so thank you battlefield for relieving me of my duty, and allowing me to have some fun outside of that

iHEARTboobs3833d ago

I thought it was pretty fun. I dont think i'll pick it up but it has it's good features like the vehicles, destructible environments and weapons. I liked the maps too but I would have liked the game to be cleaner. It did take me away from COD4 for a bit but i always go back to it. I hope the next COD by Infinity Ward has vehicles. That would be cool.

BeaArthur3833d ago

Played the beta...going to pass.

jkhan3833d ago

Interesting, have seen some very mixed reviews from those who played beta. I will buy it once, I am done with MGS4 2-3 times:D

Play B3yond3833d ago

WTF does the laser designater do?

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The story is too old to be commented.