Europe to get UT3 360 before America

Speaking to videogaming247, Midway just confirmed that the 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 will ship on July 4 in Europe, the days ahead of the US launch.

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Altis13873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Boooooo. I have both the PC and PS3 version but still, boooooo. I really wanted this game with full mod support like the PS3.

fredy3873d ago

why you got your mod support on the ps3 and such..

dachiefsman3873d ago

I didn't know it was coming out this early or I wouldn't have picked it up on the PS3. oh well

Dlacy13g3873d ago

I am guessing Epic might be trying to put a little distance from themselves and EA's Battlefield title which is launching end of June. They both are pretty fast paced shooters for online play and will appeal to the same crowd in N. America.

SuperSaiyan43873d ago

I very much doubt Epic will worry about EAs poor line up of games that are full of bugs and with poor online support. But seriously are people still buying poor EA games??

AssassinXIII3873d ago

bad company is a great game and the demo is great

Dlacy13g3873d ago

I know the popular stance these days is EA makes bad games, etc...

But Battlefield: Bad Company is an outstanding game...easily gonna score 8.5's and above. You factor that and the fact that UT3 is late to the party on the 360 and well...I think Epic decided to hold it back just a bit in N.A. to allow some breathing room, etc. They certainly dont want to launch it and be overshadowed by a better game launched just one week before UT3 hits the shelves.

super bill3873d ago

typical yanks always whinging about something.

poopface13873d ago

I dont really care about UT3 at all. The only game I want from them is gears. I think the first UT was the best.

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