FIFA 15 Career Mode Details emerge

onPause writes:

This morning EA Sports has revealed all of the changes that are coming to FIFA 15′s career mode. Some significant new updates have been made to improve this important game mode for the biggest sports game franchise.

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tayz2236d ago

EA's newest soccer game is looking good!

DanZeeMan2236d ago

You spelt "football" wrong

SniperControl2236d ago

Meh, career mode is just an after thought on fifa games, ea just wants us to play and spend loads of money in UT mode.

Scrivlar2236d ago

Nah mate I practically buy this for Career mode, I'll play the odd online game until I've won division 1, then the rest of my time is spent on career mode, Some years I finish all 15 seasons in the 1 career. Don't even touch UT I despise it.

pompombrum2236d ago

Same however it doesn't stop EA plastering UT related information all over my damn screen while playing career. SniperControl meant that EA's focus is on UT because of the extra $$$

Thefreeman0122235d ago

i was upset when they took virtual pro out.. would like to see that back in career mode or in general

Scrivlar2234d ago


Totally agree with you there, Don't see the need to take out anything that's optional in the game, just leave it there and we'll either use it or we won't.

pompombrum2236d ago

More realistic player growth, improved more intuitive player scouting, better presentation... sounds identical to the "improvements" they claimed to have made the past few years.

If they have improved player growth though I'll be happy. I always enjoy bringing through youth players but the stats are so unrealistic, youth players pace should be much higher to begin with, players don't improve significantly in pace as they get older.

Grimbarian2236d ago

Horrible lack of effort put into CM by EA, seems they haven't done anything for a year. I fixed early retirement in the PC version of Fifa 14 by changing one number in a cfg file and it takes the dev team a whole year to fix it then they claim it as an improvement? Pathetic.

Can only hope the improvements to CPU AI will make the overall experience a better one despite the lack of changes in Career Mode.

Thefreeman0122235d ago

I was really hoping for some pre season choices and fake advertising signins to add revenue..that and training management

Grimbarian2235d ago

Any changes/new features would have been welcomed but nothing, it's very disappointing :(

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