Shadow The Hedgehog & Metal Sonic Confirmed For Sonic Boom - Concept Artwork Revealed

JM: Two familiar faces are returning to the Sonic universe in the upcoming exclusive title for WiiU and Nintendo 3DS. Are you excited to see them again?

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Wizziokid1586d ago

I just want a new Sonic Adventure

Eamon1586d ago

This. Bring back the old Sonic Team from the Dreamcast days.

contradictory1585d ago

that's extremely unrealistic scenario..

it'd be more plausible to hire another development team to make a Sonic game since Sonic Team of right now doesn't really seem to know what to do with the franchise...

....actually that's what this game is

mind = blown

dcj05241585d ago

Well according to SEGA Sonic Team is making another modern Sonic game a la Unleashed,Colors and Generations for PS4/X1/WiiU perhaps they can put Adventure elements in it with multiple characters and all. Sonic 06 was a horrific attempt at another sonic adventure so SEGA is treading it's feet lightly.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1585d ago

This isn't by Sonic Team nor is canon.

ForgottenProphecy1586d ago

Shadow looks... normal. I was expecting something crazy for some reason.

DrRobotnik1586d ago

I wish we'd go back to 2D.

dcj05241585d ago

They did, it's called Classic Sonic in Generations and Sonic 4 Episode 2(They Fixed everything) and of course the DS/Gameboy Advanced games.

Revengeance1585d ago

Still won't make the game any better.

R00bot1585d ago

Wait until it comes out. It looks meh right now, but you never know. It could be better than it looks. Maybe..

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