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Sony: PS4 success is "important for the shape of the whole industry"

Jim Ryan explains how strong sales make innovation easier, and clarifies SCE's position on EA Access

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Community1529d ago
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BillmadeAGate1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

It's more about Sony staying afloat lmao.
Only profit Sony is seeing is off Playstation & Sony Pictures.. everything else is a toss up.

Arkardo1529d ago

Then you are not prepare for a rude awakening and I can tell you, it's coming right behind you.

But maybe you will never realize it, people like you are hard headed and seems to have developed a very advanced shortsighted visión for things right at your nose, your loss really.

BillmadeAGate1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Well considering Sony's taking significant new measures to address reform of its PC and TV businesses I'm sure your right bro. Just face it, business wise MS is more superior.

@external you did all that when you could've just disagreed lol that's what u call dedication ^_^

@Arkardo "Then you are not prepare for a rude awakening and I can tell you, it's coming right behind you."

@ Everyone. I see ppl don't like it when you look at a business as a whole an not it's most popular division ^_^..

Arkardo1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


You forget something way bigger, we are talking about Videogames here last time I checked, so just face it, VIDEOGAME business wise SONY is superior.

I could not care less about Windows and surface business, the same for Sony Pc and TV división, your comment is totally irrelevant.

creeping judas1529d ago

@arkado, not picking sides here, but the Playstation division needs the other divisions like TV, Movie and PC to be rofitable also, in order to stay in the game. And the same goes for Xbox, it needs the other divisions of MS to be profitable also. And yes we all know Playstation is selling better than Xbox right now.

Joe9131529d ago

@BillmadeAGate MS might be doing ok but they are losing a lot of pc market share to tablets their phones suck and will never catch on they lost what like over 400 mil on the xbox brand alone only thing keeping them afloat are businesses that still use office and desktop computers but Apple and Google are trying to jump in that market and once they do it will not take long before MS will be feeling the heat.

dcbronco1529d ago


You have obviously never seen a Microsoft financial report. Microsoft is making big moves in tablets and Surface sales are way up since the introduction of Surface Pro 3. Windows phone is the fourth largest selling OS and made 66% gains over the previous year. That will continue as Microsoft moves closer to code once across all platforms. Business will follow easy money. Microsoft Azure made major gains in Cloud computing. All of their divisions are on an upswing. And now even the devices division is profitable. There are no loses on the horizon for Microsoft.

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iamnsuperman1529d ago

It's mobile devices are doing well as well.

affrogamer1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Bruh, you and I are here for games and games only NOT other electronics stuff. The last time I checked the Xbone was getting completely annihilated by PS4 so just cut out the bs/troll!

asmith23061529d ago

And it's mobile, TV show and imaging departments. They are doing better than MS in the gaming department too!

Insomnia_841529d ago

The way you talk makes me believe your interest in this topic are other than gaming. Perhaps, like some here, you own share at Microsoft. Your mind will always be clouded by the money.

Sony is taking gaming in the right way. Microsoft can rot in hell for all I know!

mrpsychoticstalker1528d ago

But then how will you use your Windows PC?

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Arkardo1529d ago

Nice to see, success means more natural curve on innovation not throat brutally forced ones.

We can only wait for great things on this generation of consoles, don't mean to sound biased at all but I think general consensus is that Playstation leading this gen is healthy.

inf3cted11529d ago

What about Vita success? Not important for you?

Neixus1529d ago

Well if the consumers bought it would of helped.

I got one, I am happy with it, but it's kinda weak on good games.

inf3cted11529d ago

If I knew this would happen I wouldn't have bought it.

user3672721529d ago

How about all three consoles success are crucial to the shape of the whole industry.

MasterCornholio1529d ago

@ Sony Defense Force Repellent

Actually the industry did quite well during the PS1 and the PS2 era. I remember those days where a plethora of new IPs cake to those two systems.

But wait a minute?

After watching several trailers from gamescon it appears that the same is happening to the PS4 with new IPs like Wild and Time for example.

What my point is that the industry will be just fine even if the PS4 dominates it. Last gen the Wii dominated the PS3 and the Xbox One but developers still released a ton of good games on those systems.

But don't worry I'm sure things will get much better for Nintendo and Microsoft in the future. Just because the PS4 has a massive lead doesn't mean that those systems are not worth investing in.

Friendly neighborhood gamer out.

Christopher1529d ago

Him not saying it doesn't mean he doesn't think as much. I doubt any Sony executive would disagree with the fact that having Nintendo and Microsoft in the market hasn't pushed them to improve how they do so much as it relates to video games.

MegaRay1529d ago

They "Sony" already said they hope the WiiU sells and they think it ISNT failure, just sayin.

DarkOcelet1529d ago

Its ps2 all over again :)

LightofDarkness1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I think it's more PSOne at this stage, everything about it feels like that era. All the exclusive new IPs, the way MS are going from serious contender to footnote due to disastrous PR which mirrors Sega in the Saturn days(Genesis was a huge success but they fumbled badly with the Saturn), the way developers are snubbing other console platforms because of the superior hardware, developer innovation and fanfare on Sony's console...

It's like a Sonaissance. Sony have somehow managed to give birth to another PSOne era. MS (who replace Sega in this analogy) aren't going anywhere any time soon and nor are Nintendo, but they've both been caught unaware with their pants down. The Wii U using outdated technology and odd gimmicks (much like the N64) and the Xbox One being in the same league but falling just short power wise and VERY short in public perception. There are innovative new IPs crawling out of everywhere and indie studios are starting to become rich enough to go AAA level and attempt bigger projects. It's a very exciting time, perhaps the most exciting time in gaming since the '90s.

Hopefully, we start seeing publishers like EA and Activision go the way of some the big players back in the day like GT Interactive, Interplay, Midway for being unable to evolve and innovate, but time will tell.

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