Microsoft did it again, shows PC version at Xbox One stand - GamesCom

Luke Kanik:

Specific game Ori and the Blind Forest ran on a PC, while they were stands with Xbox One. We have a photo

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bintarok3099d ago

Ori and the Blind Forest off course being made in Windows DE. Duh

FlameHawk3099d ago

It's like you didn't even look at the picture and see the Xbox One with the kinect. Right I forgot the Xbox One was a PC. /s

bintarok3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

I didn't say XO was a PC, it just in your mind set.

What i've said, MS indies like Ori and BF are all being made on windows dev kits.

It's not difficult to understand, seriously.

badz1493099d ago


So that means what they see and play over there was the game how it runs on Windows, not Xbone. They should just put it there "this is a representative of the Xbox One version" or something but no, they put a freakin Xbone and Kinect there to try and deceive them that they are playing on it instead! That's dirty false marketing!

HaydenJameSmith3099d ago


I'm pretty sure that is the Xbox running the windows Dev Kit... there are no dev tools on X1 OS. Its not a PC running in the back with X1 out on display if that is what you are thinking...

JeffGUNZ3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

I thought this is common? Usually the games are on Dev. Kits on PC? The games obviously not completed, so why spend the resources to port a beta/demo version over?

MEant for C-H-E-F below, not sure why it got bumped here.

pinkcrocodile753099d ago

Oh god!

As far as I can tell the game is in development still.

If thats the case they won't have completed testing so the logical step it to run on a dev kit.

If this was a final release happening within a few weeks I'd understand your shock and awe. However it's not.

Both MS and Sony do this. I think the author is getting his knickers in a twist over nothing. That or trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

PoodlePuncher3099d ago

If it's a dev kit why is it using Nvidia hardware (the notification to update drivers through Geforce Experience)?

Syntax-Error3099d ago

It's not a AAA title so why would play any different on an X1 than a PC? Doesn't make any damn sense. All indie games are the same on any console. Why do you people find something to complain about all the time

Eonjay3099d ago

Its deception becasue the player is standing in front of an Xbox One. So if its on PC, just show them a PC. This is still just plain deception. If Sony does it, its also deception.

TheXgamerLive3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Ok. Lets see how to say, the Xbox One dev kit just as the XB1 is running windows 8. The windows menu is the normal dev windows for gameplay as its not yet a finished game. Same as a sony product demo, the systems will be connected to pc for various demo reasons. Most important one again is, its not a finished game its not on a bluray

Its running on an Xbox One and not a PC.

WiiUsauce3099d ago

And Sony NEVER shows PC gameplay at their conferences right? lol Sony does it all the time.

tuglu_pati3099d ago

meh! moving on! who cares...

Pogmathoin3099d ago

MS can do no right on this site, why even bother. This is kindergarten.... Normal people buy games.

KarmaV123099d ago

And they NEVER lie about resolution either because they are not Cocky as heck!

ShinMaster3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

@ WiiUsauce

Last I checked, Sony didn't put a PS4 and a PS camera in front of you with a DS4 controller to make you believe you're playing on a PS4 instead of a PC running Nvidia hardware.

When a third-party company decides to show off their game at a press conference with PC footage, that's not Sony's doing, nor did they claim "this is PS4 hardware".


Actually, the article is grasping at straws this time around, unless I'm missing something, as this time the games were running on XB1 hardware.

Other times MS or other (many) companies were caught red-handed on this subject it was not about a PC version running on console (as perfectly normal for a game still in development using PC environment), but instead running on PC hardware that despite warning was non-representative of the console power (like in many trailer shown in conferences, not really dissimilar to the bullshot problem, it's about companies promising what is known they can't deliver) or outright lying and saying it's the console running it when it's not (now this may be more or less problem depending on how similar the results between PC and console are, anyway this was MS's actual trouble last year and what apparently got people consfused, demo booths sporting a XB1 were rigged, Windows 7 PCs with Nvdia cards hidden under the table were the ones actually doing the job, with no warnings whatsoever).

Docknoss3099d ago

Sony's done the samething big deal

rdgneoz33099d ago

@XGamer "Its running on an Xbox One and not a PC."

Since when did AMD graphics cards (which both xbone and PS4 use) come with "Geoforce experience"? Not really representative of the final product when you're using a completely different graphics card to show off the game while having the "console" sitting in front of the TV. "This is what the game will look like on the xbox one... if we were using high end nvidia graphics cards..."

Reminds me of E3 last year.

donthate3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

I find it hilarious that people are arguing over this mostly by fangirls just trying to find reasons to moan and b!tch about MS mis-representing, when all they did was try to show you what you can get on the Xbox One later.

I would love to see these hypocrites complain about Sony lying to you about native 1080p on KillZone: Shadowfall.

There is a lawsuit against Sony about this SO I urge you hypocrites go join it quickly seeing how passionate you are about MS supposedly mis-representing things.

Fight for the players!!! :D

badz1493098d ago


You definitely live up to your user name! Just hop on that "Sony is lying about KZSF" bandwagon and see how far you can go. They have proven and explained the trick they used to achieve 1080p60fps and only the opposing fanboys still use it as their ammunition to attack Sony. It's a trick just like how many devs use motion blur to create a sense of speed, low res textures to boost performance, varible res to maintain fps etc. Just give it up!

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C-H-E-F3099d ago ShowReplies(4)
MysticStrummer3099d ago

Both these new consoles are very PC-like, so this really isn't that big a deal unless the PC being used is more powerful than XB1, which would make the game seem to perform better.

JeffGUNZ3099d ago

This exactly. Summed it up well. Bubbles up MYstic.

cee7733099d ago

But I thought it was so easy to port games from PC to xbone not too long ago I heard A Dev say they did it within an hour so really there is no excuse.

RegorL3099d ago

Not really PC like...

XBox is running unified memory against SDRAM like many notebooks / integrated graphics. But with a bigger eSRAM than most, and faster than everyone in this category.
(The new Intel has up to 128 MB eSDRAM, not as fast but
a lot bigger )

PS4 is running everything from the graphical processors GDDR. It is also alone in this category.

ShinMaster3099d ago

So Xbox One uses Nvidia hardware as well?

Wow wee

ThePope3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Are you shocked from the reaction in this comment section? It doesn't matter what MS does, someone will spin it and this site will figure out a way to make it bad, and anti consumer.

OT: If its not running on those X1's in front (which as far as we know the game is running on those boxes) its most likely the case they are used to show what console the game they are playing is going to be on. Its advertising.

No I know I'm just doing damage control because the only possibility is that MS is misleading people and the game will look different. My bad.

Borma3098d ago

"so this really isn't that big a deal unless the PC being used is more powerful than XB1, which would make the game seem to perform better." I think that is the exact point we are trying to get at.....I doubt they used a Phenom Dual Core PC from the year 2005 to show it off.

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Blaze9293099d ago

Lol the Microsoft hate really is getting old. Go play some games. We're just grasping for straws now. The game isn't done - of course it's on a developer unit made accessible for the event attenders.

rdgneoz33099d ago

"made accessible for the event attenders."

So Nvidia cards are more "accessible" than the AMD cards that the xbone and PS4 use?

And it's only hilarious because MS has been caught using Nvidia cards and windows 7 to show off it's games in the past.

gamernova3099d ago Show
3-4-53099d ago

At this point I don't even care.

Just got my XB1 and loving it so far.

Playing Forza 5 & Plants vs Zombies and I don't really care if they are in 1080p or 720 p, they are both really fun to play and that is mostly what matters.

They both look great as well. Better graphics is awesome, but it doesn't make a game more fun really.

SKEE3098d ago

Cool story bro....if you didn't care, why even bring it up?

Gamer19823099d ago

Putting a PC for demos is one thing as its not a new thing however putting an actual console in front to make it look like its being played on the actual console is another.. If people don't see the console play the game they think there playing on xbox and don't question it. When things like this happen they realise it was a PC and its okay it happens. However the fact theres a bunch of xbox ones there makes MS look foolish not the fact the games running on PC hardware..

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Askanison43099d ago

This site will really do anything possible to make Xbox look bad. Why do you all care so much?

Shuyin3099d ago

I think it's MS themselves that kinda make their Xbox One look so bad.

gfk3423099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

I agree!

The principle applying:

If you fool me once shame on you, if you fool me twice shame on me.

I refuse to be fooled by MS in every aspect (DRM, kinect, cloud, DX12, games that are presented as exclusive and after that see the release on PC/PS4). And I'm referring solely to this generation without bringing the past.

IrishSt0ner3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Yea of course it's all Microsofts fault, they're the reason the internet sees this site as biased. Nothing to do with the continual downvoting/dismissal of all positive Xbox One comments and articles.

If anyone needs 'proof' look at the top 'hottest' articles, then go to any other gaming site and look at their top Xbox stories.

qwerty6763099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

@IrishSt0ner i agree, i used to come to this site more frequently, but not so much anymore after realizing its mostly made up of sony fans.

Now I understand that each side has there fair share of trolls. But I've noticed every positive xbox comment or just constructive opinions being pro xbox receives unwarranted downvotes and disagrees.

thehobbyist3099d ago

That's obvious enough. M$ has been making it look like a bad buy since launch and that $1 billion marketing budget is not going to pay itself off anytime soon.

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torchic3099d ago

maybe if Xbox was run by people who actually care about gaming they wouldn't be having so many mishaps

Askanison43099d ago

This isn't a mishap. It's a bloody in-development game. So what if they show it on a desktop machine. That's where they're going to be doing most of their development.

Kingthrash3603099d ago

Like they did with ryse for a and dr3.... They displayed PC versions then pulled the bait and switch.
In all honesty they have the x1 there to make you believe you are playing on x1, giving the illusion that its capable of doing something it can't ...just to get a sale. Its bad practice for any company ...lord knows they've all done this.

Askanison43099d ago

What bait and switch?

The game WILL come out on Xbox One. It's an Xbox One booth. It's likely that this is either a PC build or an Xbox One dev build (Which could potentially still run on PC in emulation etc) so what's the harm in showing it?

torchic3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )


I was talking in general and not specifically about this game.

the reason why Microsoft always seems to receive bad press is because the people who run it make many poor decisions, and this in my opinion is because these people don't really understand the industry, nor do they care for the industry.

mcarsehat3099d ago

It's going along with illusion. If the games aren't console ready, MS will show them on PC and to create the illusion of what it's like to be playing on an xbox, they will make it look like you ARE playing on an Xbox One, it's that simple.

It isn't exactly a bad thing, it's like having a Rocket-shaped Rollercoaster cart, it's still the same thing as any other Rollercoaster but it has the illusion of Space travel instead.

GiantEnemyCrab3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

King, I think it's to give the closest representation possible to how the game will be controlled on consoles. Whenever I approach the MS booth and ask what system it's running on they never hesitate to tell me it's on a PC if that is the case.

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CaptainObvious8783099d ago

To be fair, MS shot themselves in the foot a lot.

"This isn't a mishap. It's a bloody in-development game. So what if they show it on a desktop machine. That's where they're going to be doing most of their development."

That would be perfectly fine is MS gave full disclosure. If MS had a PC in view with a sign saying something like "This is the PC version, however, this is representative of the xbone version", I don't think anyone would kick up a fuss.

But as you can plainly see MS have deceitfully put the console and kinect below the monitor implying the audience is playing the xbone version when that's not the case as all. It's a little pathetic to be honest.

Tell me I'm wrong.

JorboTron3099d ago

It's a 2D metroidvania platformer indie game. Not the mostdemanding game. It will likely be the same quality on pc and xbox one. Everyone needs to relax. Quit making mountains or of mole hills.

Now if they were doing this with like GTA V that MIGHT be worth mentioning.

JeffGUNZ3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

You're wrong. No disrespect but this is common practice for ALL platforms when the games haven't been completed. Sony did this at E3 with Batman demo, it showed prompts for PS4 controller as well. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. As Mystic stated above, unless it's showing a more powerful version then what the game will actually be on Xbox, then this is normal business. This isn't a demanding game, so it's on an Xbox Dev. Kit.

Jury3099d ago

Anything? Like showing news 4 gamers?

kratoz12093099d ago

Well all the xbox games look good on windows.
Ps4 and pc gameplay at gamescom gents

MysticStrummer3099d ago

"This site will really do anything possible to make Xbox look bad."

You're saying Google Translate is anti-XB?

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iamnsuperman3099d ago

This is really down to the developers more than Microsoft. They clearly havn't finished it yet. Though Microsoft shouldn't have done the window dressing as it is coming to PC as well

sourav933099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

To make things worse, the game was running on a PC with a Nvidia graphics card.

tgunzz3099d ago

Give it a rest already.....

GrandpaSnake3099d ago

the only thing im trying to understand is if they actually just put the x1 and run fake cables through it. all while having hidden cables connected to a pc.