NBA 2K15 – First Gameplay Video From Gamescom

Check out the first Gameplay of NBA 2K15 featuring the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat.

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AutoCad2496d ago

A lot more gameplay videos at operationsports

VanguardOfCalamity2496d ago

after what I saw in the finals the score seemed a little... off - but seriously if they would add some mode that allowed the players to talk trash and have more drunk people in the stands with "booing" and "chanting" more prevalent this would be the greatest sports game ever

gamerfan09092496d ago

Is that Justin Beever playing 2K15?

VanguardOfCalamity2496d ago

only commenting cause I thought that same $hit XD

gamerfan09092496d ago

On a serious note please EA take a look at this video man and implement some of the ideas in this for NBA live and Madden. The NBA players AI acts like real NBA players act on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. The crowd is lively and even the coach animations and movements look authentic to the real life game. The jump shots look smooth, the passing looks incredible, the graphics are amazing, and even the net looks amazing after the ball goes through it. Take some notes

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