Why Steam Continues to Stand Above Uplay and Origin

SteamFirst: You are free to enjoy whatever system you like. I am simply trying to analyze possible reasons why these systems are behind Steam by such an extreme margin in the view of a common gamer such as myself.

We all know the gaming distribution service known as Steam, especially since that is what this entire site is focused on, and how it has grown over the years from simple beginnings to having 75 million active users online at any given time. As such it may seem only natural that in light of such success, competitors will eventually arrive. Just as Sega arrived in 1986 to challenge the Nintendo Entertainment System with their Master System, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft have appeared to challenge Valve with the services: Origin and Uplay respectively.

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Aldous_Snow2502d ago

Origin will never come close to Steam

SteamFirst2502d ago

I completely agree. It is just a shame that gamers are forced to play certain games such as Battlefield etc on inferior services such as Origin.

smoothdude2502d ago

Well it is not all bad. Origin users were given a free copy of Battlefield 3, Dead Space, Plants vs Zombies and Peggle. Hey I even got Titanfall on sale for $30 when it first released.

The problem that I have is that there is that they install a service on my workstation which runs constantly. It does nothing except scan my file system (allegedly) and if you stop it games are still playable. I am really concerned that Origin is spyware in disguise.

SonyWarrior2502d ago

i wont even buy battle field games no more because they are only on origin. steam is the best by far the only platform ill buy games on. and i never even heard of uplay that must really be a fail

SniperControl2502d ago

Origin is a total rip off, you are paying £10-£20 extra over a retail hardcopy.

I ordered FIFA 15 from Amazon for £35, origin wanted £50!! total con artists.

Volkama2502d ago

Steam is fantastic, but I would expect EA to bring a version of EA Access over to Origin in the very near future and with their PC catalogue being so much bigger than the One catalogue Origin could become a valued platform in it's own right.

aliengmr2502d ago

I have a completely irrational hatred of Origin. I don't like change, but I hate being forced.

EA knew what they were doing when they tried to circumvent Steam with their DLC. ME3 was the first and last game I played on Origin. As far as I'm concerned the only EA games that exist are the ones still on Steam.

That's just my opinion though, and I freely admit its petty and irrational.

GoG Galaxy is the right way to convince someone like me to use a different platform.

iamnsuperman2502d ago

It is a shame since I feel Valve have become to complacent with steam. There is a lot about steam that is good but also a lot that is bad and in recent years the bad is growing. I don't see Uplands or Origin changing that (especially with who runs origin) but PC gamers are getting the short end of the stick because of it.

Volkama2502d ago

In what sense are PC gamers getting the short end of any stick? Steam is still light years ahead of any other platform...

And with things like Steam OS, Steam Home Streaming, early access and greenlight, I don't think you can really accuse Valve of resting on their laurels?

Feralkitsune2502d ago

Valve's customer service is atrocious. The UI is slow as balls, the steam servers have been going down away too much recently; they don't police the review system so all the top reviews are stupid one liners that are just jokes. With no substance.

There are many things people ignore that suck with steam just because they use the platform. I have over 300 games on it, and I know damn well it has more problems than you guys will admit.

USMC_POLICE2502d ago

If you are looking for a new fun game to play then you can always find one for a few dollars on steam. Last sale I spent $80 on games and walked away with dozens of major titles with all dlc and indies. Origin never does that.

strangeaeon2502d ago

More games and better deals, kind of a no brainer. Why did this even have to be said?

Perjoss2502d ago

Steam is great but its not perfect. I dont like the way old games are released and then in the description it says they are a 2014 release, not to mention that these old games that have already had their chance are pushing top quality titles off the front page, I dont think this is fair. specially for indy devs that healivy rely on this exposure.

I think there also needs to be stricter rules on what actually makes it onto Steam, there are some real turds making it onto the service recently. The early access thing is getting a bit out of hand too.

The tagging system is a cool idea too but far too censored.

contradictory2502d ago

that's exactly how i feel
honestly it'd do us all a service to have some quality control in Steam...

aliengmr2502d ago

I agree that re-releases should be clearly marked as such or have a tab for re-released games.

Don't agree about Early Access though. There has been significant improvements among the devs who debuted on Early Access. More honest communication has been the biggest change. Early Access is slowly finding its appropriate use and the ones that are benefiting from the program are moving along.

Space Engineers
Assetto Corsa
Kinetic Void
Starpoint Gemini 2 (great devs)
Starforge (the only possible dud of the bunch)
Planetary Annihilation
Planet Explorers
Kerbal Space Program

All examples of Early Access working. Not all will make it, but all of them have justified their cost, which for me was around $20 each. Should Starforge not make it (though I think it will), well, I can live with that. I knew going in that that might be the case and fully accepted that risk. Some don't accept that risk and its totally fine.

As far as Quality control. Like I said, older re-releases need to be clearly marked. However imposing all sorts of restrictions would do more harm than good IMO. Most of the games I mentioned started off slow and really had to build up to what they are today. Potential really can't be measured, so a game may have potential but fail Quality Control initially. Development time may be needed to find its place. Its up to us as consumers to clearly understand what we are buying.

That being said there is an overhaul to Steam possibly coming, with more filters and abilities for users to customize the Steam store front.

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