Sony Looking At Including Euro Content On PlayStation.Blog

Kotaku writes:

Buried at the bottom of their self-congratulatory first birthday post (happy birthday!), SCEA's PlayStation.Blog team have a little note for their long-suffering European brothers, long without a decent blog of their own. They say they hear your pain, feel your pain, and are in talks to "bring more PlayStation news to you from that part of the world". Which I read as "we can't be arsed setting up another blog, but we'll post Euro stuff on this one". Good news, Europe! Your days of relying on the regrettable Three Speech for community info (PSN updates, release dates, etc) may soon be over.

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Mikelarry3783d ago

atleast they are including us in something this is a step forward

omni_atlas3783d ago

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

kotaku = anti-anything sony.

edhe3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

It's not anti-sony, Sony is Anti-EU.

When have sony given a crap about Europe? Yet people still lap up the ps3 despite being sold short on absolutely everything compared to what the other territories get.

Kotaku are standing up for the consumer, and not the disrespectful company.

Bordel_19003783d ago

Has anyone else downloaded the Monster Madness demo?

Man, that is a sucky demo. Just aweful, lot's of screen tearing and horrible gfx.

eddierivera3782d ago

And I feel really bad that Europe,, the people keeping sony afloat, keep getting shafted. I cant believe it takes Sony Months to do something as simple as updating the Europe store. Arent they supposed to be some kinda big corporate monster that is supposed to be the leader in Video manufacturing? We will continue to experiance stuff like this cause sony is freaking lazy when it comes to content distribution to its consumers. Its like they are still living in the stone age.

Bathyj3782d ago

You only got to listen to their tone when talking about anything Sony to know what a bunch of stupid fanboys Kotaku are.

Well guess what? Who gives a rats what you think because the secret came out today. I never have to care what an Xbot or anti Sony jerk says ever again, because after 7 straight hours with my jaw open and not blinking I can safely say MGS is worth every bit of hype its getting and more.

The grandest piece of art videogames have ever achieved that may never be equaled, and PS3 is easily the best console ever made, bar none. Kojima is the Da Vinci of videogames and Sony have supplied all the canvas he needs to realize his vision. You only got to see a close up of Snakes face and the weave of the fabric of anyones clothes to see why this game is not possible on any other console.

And yet for all I've said, I've said nothing, because no one can tell you why this game is so good, you have to experience it yourself. Yes this game could stand up and be worth 9's even if it was a generic shooter like Gears. Yes the story telling could rival any RPG. The level of detail in the graphics has just made alot of nice looking games look last gen overnight. Even the awesome cutscenes seem way less obtrusive than previous games and the pacing is really nice. They break up the action well. Funny no ones really brought that up yet.

MGS is all these things an so much more. Its whole is worth more than the sum of its parts.

Dont anyone dare to knock this game if you havnt played it, youre only displaying your own ignorance and jealously

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