Ubi refuses to confirm simultaneous Prince of Persia platform release

VG247: In an exclusive interview with videogaming247, Chris Easton, community development manager for Ubisoft's Prince of Persia has refused to confirm that the game will ship simultaneously on both 360 and PS3.

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STARS4849d ago (Edited 4849d ago )

InB4PS3VersionIsDelayedComment /s.

Mike Bowden4849d ago

You never know, might be the 360 version........naaaaaaaahh!


Mr_Luke4849d ago

PS3 will be delayed for sure, Ubishit isn't good at programming on the black console =)) and once again... sadness...

Mike Bowden4849d ago

Was Assassins Creed released at the same time?

wicked4849d ago

yes, but only after delays, and then I don't think it was finished judging by the amount of bugs found in the game. (PS3 getting a slightly worse version than the 360)