Race Driver Grid Patch 1.1 Released

Codemasters have released the first patch for Race Driver Grid which brings the game to version 1.1 However please note that this version of the patch only works with the PC-DVD version of the game and not if you have downloaded the game from Steam, Metaboli or Direct2Drive. Patches for the downloaded version of the game should be available "within days".

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KYU21303873d ago

but they need to issue an update for the console version. it has alot of video jitters

xm15e2s3873d ago

Yeah, I've seen some pretty wacky things while playing GRID over Xbox Live the last few days.
It doesn't ruin the game or anything, it's just strange/distracting.

TheIneffableBob3873d ago

Wow, this is a pretty big patch. It addresses a lot of the concerns that the community had with the game.

Great job, Codemasters.