Jonathan Ross's son loves Spore

MCV: As a major celebrity's son or daughter, you're due a few more perks than your average playground dweller.

And that's exactly what BBC presenter Jonathan Ross's son Harvey discovered when EA sent him an advanced copy of Will Wright's Spore.

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Spydiggity3876d ago

these inbred, STD babies are DUE things the rest of us aren't??? am i the only one blown away by this? way to alienate yourself even more EA.

Caxtus7503876d ago

?? These are nice people who got to play a game early. Ross offers great entertainment to people all over the world, he deserves it. Be happy for them.

What the hell is wrong with you? You seem like a bitter and tiwsted freak!

DevilsJoker3876d ago

If J.R is as fun of a guy as he is, and entertains me endlessly, then cut him a break, if i had a copy spore i'd send it his kid to play.

Teajae3876d ago

whats with all this hate XDD

Spydiggity3876d ago

we live in a world where people live absolutely pointless lives where all they do is warship the ground celebrities walk on. read about them in magazines, on yahoo, everywhere.

i'm sorry that i don't find these people to be ANYTHING special. and i find it humiliating for anyone who cares more about who won american idol, who's the next contestant on the price is right, and who paris hilton is currently boning than they do about their own lives.

these are JUST people and they should be treated that way. and in most cases, they are sub-par take take takers who don't care about you at why do you care about them?

and his kid...his kid is especially not special. he's just some genetic spawn of a guy who's just a guy just like the rest of us.

i can't believe i have to defend my statement. gamers, of all people, should give 2 sh!ts about the life of some celebrity and his son.

Caxtus7503876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

I dont care about his life...which is percisely why I dont care that he already has spore. Condradicting yourself there.

Hypocrit ;)