The Duke Nukem Forever story

It's been delayed so often gamers have dubbed it 'Duke Nukem Whenever', but could the new in-game footage released by 3D Realms indicate a breakthrough?

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boobs caught my attention to this article

deeznuts5584d ago

Too Human has been delayed almost as long, no?

Sorta interested in checking out both, sort of not as well.


2D Sidescrolling Version of Duke Nukem Forever Leaked

Duke Nukem Forever originally began its life as a sidescroller instead of a shooter back in 1996, and that canceled version has just been leaked.

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Rancegamerx272d ago

Very cool, but i don't know how real this is... I'll check it out later to find out.


Duke Nukem Forever “remaster” restores Gearbox FPS to original glory

Duke Nukem Forever, the troubled FPS from Gearbox and 3D Realms, has been restored to more traditional 90s shooter thanks to a sweeping “remaster” mod

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XiNatsuDragnel372d ago

Awesome this needs to be released

Venoxn4g372d ago

It is out already, there is a download link inside the article too.

Aaroncls7372d ago

kinda of a misleading title.

Mod features:
Sprinting removed and faster player movement
Jump height increased
Swim speed is much faster
Player can now hold breath underwater for 45 seconds instead of 15
Weapon rebalance and screen shake when shooting removed
2/4 weapon limit completelly removed
Quicksaves (F5 by default)
Depth of Field removed and new post processing effects
Driving sections are now in first person perspective

Dandizzle372d ago

God damn Megadeth Duke Nukem anthem is the best.

Snookies12371d ago

It is pretty amazing, I remember being so hyped that they covered the Duke theme back when it happened haha. I still quite enjoyed Forever though personally.

Venoxn4g371d ago

It is great, you should check out Eric Calderone - Duke Nukem meets metal .. thats proper as well


Duke Nukem Forever was ahead of its time, but nerfed before launch

Duke Nukem Forever, the infamous and controversial FPS from 3D Realms, apparently looked much better before launch, as modders discover various cut features

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masterfox414d ago

"so wrong yet so right"

Only a few will know what Im talking about lol :D

porkChop414d ago

Wow, that advanced lighting makes a huge difference to the visuals. I get that Gearbox tried to slap everything together and release a finished product. But it seems like they cut out a lot of content that would have made the experience more enjoyable. That's a shame.

Number1TailzFan413d ago

Nerfed due to consoles.. and not the first time it has happened.

-Foxtrot414d ago

Kind of amazing the difference a lighting engine makes

Number1TailzFan413d ago

Same, the AI could be pretty dumb but the bosses were fun. I thought the levels (mostly) got better later in the game too.

XiNatsuDragnel413d ago

Devs nerf a game man best quote I've ever heard.