Rise of the Tomb Haters

Gamescom opens with a bang as Microsoft reveals exclusive rights to Rise of the Tomb Raider, in 2015. People are furious! 1985FM invites super fan, Jeremy Conrad back in the forth chair to discuss all the happenings of this week’s news.

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colonel1793088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

This was a bad kind of bang. It was a megaton announcement, but one that f**ked so many gamers. After all, all that backlash forced Spencer to admit that it was timed.

I am actually more disappointed that it is cross gen. While more people will get to play it, it's not going to be a game that uses the potential of next-gem hardware.

XStation3088d ago

And it made the game and the Xbox One get a lot of attention.

colonel1793088d ago

Not the kind of attention that will bring more sales, though. There are a lot more people that have a PS4, so after the acceptance that it is indeed timed, they'll most likely wait.

amiga-man3088d ago

MS just can't help putting their foot in it this gen.

Grave3088d ago

I've heard even bad publicity is good publicity. This debacle is the exception to that rule.

morganfell3088d ago


Are you saying if it had stayed on the X1 as an exclusive it would have better used Next Gen excluding the more powerful PS4 and PC?

And you are aware that the game was and is coming to the 360, right?

Clogmaster3088d ago

Xbox One and DmC both had bad publicity and sales reflect that.

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TKCMuzzer3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

I wish Microsoft would just get their heads down and put money into first party games, their constant PR failings are costing them dearly.

Saying it was not timed and then coming out and saying it is doesn't half make you look stupid.

Not only that, its also obvious that someone silenced Crystal Dynamics so they couldn't say it was timed, that is also unfair, those guys have had their reputation dragged through the mud so a company could try for as long possible to convince many it was an exclusive.

colonel1793088d ago

Exactly! They should spend more time and money making first party games. Sony announced many first and 'second' party titles for PS4. Nintendo is surviving with first party titles (since third party support is very scarce).

I don't like that Microsoft is like the kid who ruins it for everybody because he can't have something.

ThatOneGuyThere3088d ago

"..doesn't half make you look stupid. " I'm assuming english isn't your native tongue, so I'm not doing this to be an ass. Going forward, the phrase you're looking for is: "doesn't have to"

You're welcome.

XiMasterChief3088d ago

"I wish Microsoft would just get their heads down and put money into first party games"

What makes you think they aren't? Because of a few third-party exclusives? Phil Spencer said they had couple unannounced (First-Party) studios. With Rare's New Game, Lionheads New Ip and others, there good.

TKCMuzzer3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

No offence but if your going to correct my grammar you might want to read what I actually wrote, as your little master stroke of punctuation makes no sense.

Your attempt at correction would read "Saying it was not timed and then coming out and saying it is doesn't have to make you look stupid.

What I should have wrote was, "is that it unfortunately makes you look stupid" but I simplified it.

As you can see I was trying to point out that Microsoft did not look to clever denying something just to back track.

captain_slow823088d ago

if they cared for the gamers and had the gamers in mind from the get go they would of been doing what sony have been doing for many years and thats building up there first party studios

but instead they chose to push there real vision on the consumer and its backfired IE all the 180s they have been doing

but i dont need to be saying this because alot of gamers have got smarter about MS and there vision and tbh thank god

so now there running around like headless chickens mistakes lies u name it there doing it

Manic20143088d ago


Both Sony and Microsoft's endgame is to provide their platform gamers exclusive content, now i don't have a problem with that but yeah making RoTR first for Xbox gamers, MS is doing their job to provide for their gamers. Same goes for Sony, though they are going for Indie titles rather than AAA titles. But YES, all in all this type of Multiplat content games and extra content buying their exclusivity has to stop no matter triple A or indie titles.

As for the first party tile i think MS are making a push in that part. They opened 4 new studios since 2013: Black tusk, LXP, Platform Next and Lift London. Since they are newly formed studios, they probably will showcase their games hopefully 2015 or 2016, who knows maybe thats why RoTR was made an exclusive to cover ground in holiday 2015.

Though i disagree that Sony have announced many First Party/Second Part titles. They're actually the come around the same as Microsoft. Sony have still yet to show what they have, pretty sure E3 2015 will be dominated by both.

Considering the games announced by MS, it seems they are funding new IPs and their First Party studios.

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XStation3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

A lot more negative than good i agree with that, but if you think about it...the only thing people really talked about yesterday was TR and Xbox. Even though Gamescom showed games like Quantum Break and Bloodborne, the Xbox and TR stole all the attention.

@TKCMuzzer People seem to be buying those bundles

@Moe-Gunz That didn't trend on twitter as much as the xbox did. And they're still trending right now.

TKCMuzzer3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

But it won't generate any sales for Microsoft (but may cost overall Tombraider sales), so really, it was a bit of a mess.

Moe-Gunz3088d ago

Until PS4 owners completed the P.T trailer :)

Pillsbury13088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Do you honestly think this attention will generate more sales? That this will magically bring the xbox sold through numbers to that of the ps4?

It's just another attempt at trying to strong arm the industry by throwing stacks at it and ms are great at that.

TKCMuzzer3088d ago

Has nothing to do with Tombraider, Tombraider is no where to be seen. It just proves they wasted money, people are pre-ordering because of the other games not because of Tombraider, hence.....spend more money on your own devs.....

There is always a spike after conferences, your not pointing out anything new, now if Tombraider was sitting at the top I would agree with you but it's not.

HugoDrax3088d ago

I have both Destiny PS4 white bundle pre ordered on amazon, and I literally just pre ordered the Sunset Overdrive white xbox one bundle. I just wanted all white consoles lol, because I already have both XB1 and PS4.

rainslacker3087d ago

People are talking about the games shown at the Sony conference. Just not in all these articles about TR. On here you have to wade through a lot of these TR articles to get to the Sony game articles, but people are in them. The Sony forums are also pretty positive with people talking about the games.

Some of the Xbox games are getting attention on here as well, but most of them were already known about, so the talking isn't quite as much, and some of the games are mostly going ignored due to the TR debacle.

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SuperBlur3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Another game that will "Ryse" on Xbox 1 and shortly fall back onto other platforms.

HugoDrax3088d ago

RYSE is available on Wii U and PS4? and if it was would PS4/Wii U gamers care? Every comment on this site was negative towards RYSE, but I guarantee if it became available for PS4 people would buy it and call it a decent game lol.

This gen of gamers act like hypocrites sometimes.

SuperBlur3088d ago

Ryse will see a PC release soon and possibly , POSSIBLY if crytek is still alive by then, see a release on PS4 along side Ryse 2

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Pillsbury13088d ago

Why would squenix do this to their loyal fans? Are they that out of touch?

equal_youth3088d ago

they lost that touch to us gamers a long time ago. probably the moment they sold out to western investors :/

colonel1793088d ago

" Are they that out of touch?"

If you have to ask that question, you probably have been living under a rock for the past 8 years.

Imalwaysright3088d ago

People still believe that any of these companies cares about us? It's all about the money. MS paid SE, they made it timed exclusive. Business as usual.

XiMasterChief3088d ago

Uh, money, duh.

It not that hard of a answer. A idiot could answer it.

Master-H3088d ago

As you've just shown us.

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hankmoody3088d ago

Wish I could have seen what the reaction would have been had the shoe been on the other foot. If this had been announced as a Sony exclusive, the gloating would have reached insane levels. This announcement in general brought out the true colors of many, not to point fingers.

TKCMuzzer3088d ago

A bit of a generalisation, you do know that there were an awful lot of unhappy PC gamers, it would have garnered a similar reaction.
I have PS4 but i am fully against any of the hardware makers buying out third party IP's. I think all third party devs and publishers be exactly that and let Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo sell their consoles based on what the develop for it.

tlougotg3088d ago

Megaton? Do you guys no what megaton means? Definitely not megaton given contrary to what most believeon here Sony fans arent really worried or have TR as a must buy, hell i never bought first one and UC4 is coming. On top of that its timed so that news just totally deflated and made Microsoft look like the turds they are. The hate stems from all the years of lies, anti consumer bs, etcccc that Microsoft has used during the years things like lying about RROD being an issue until taken to court, drm, kinect being mandatory for xbox one.

Baszs3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Timed exclusive whats the big deal!..
after the holiday it will be available for ps4 en pc..
Besides most gamers should shut the hell up, Ps4, and pc does exactly the same thing..
with numerous titles..

Just buy both consoles..
Not at both at the same time. but keep in mind of owning both.

Imalwaysright3088d ago

PC? PC is a free platform. There's no company supporting it and paying for exclusivity deals.

Baszs3088d ago

You are right.. Like always.. about the pc thing.. not that other thing

incendy353088d ago

That isn't completely accurate. You will see many games that have exclusive Graphics Card support or enhanced for certain Graphics Cards etc. Watch Dogs for example had a deal with NVidia.

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