New Overkill Walking Dead Co-op Game

Yes it’s finally come! The Overkill countdown has ended, what was the countdown for you ask?

Well Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, announced that Skybound and Overkill are partnering to make a Walking Dead game. It’ll be a co-op game that, quote, “All of the Walking Dead fans have been waiting for.”

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Razputin2240d ago

So this is what Overkill has been working on the entire time.

Payday 2 got really boring after a while. It became a huge grind fest and after the stealth and exp updates it became extremely hard and tedious to level.

I really enjoy their games but I hope this is given a lot more attention than anything else.

WillGJ2240d ago

Yea I just got finished playing right now.
The infamy does make it feel fresh, you grind near 90 and then zoom through the low infamy stages, but they've not finished that off yet so hopefully that'll be in their crimfest bundle.

Looking toward this game though, it my heart I see it as a Left For Dead 3 replacement for now and I hope it lives up to that personal image.

equal_youth2240d ago

if this can combine all the great story telling from telltale games and some good survival elements and shooting including craftsmanship then it will clearly be the game fans been waiting for.

WillGJ2240d ago

Why would it involve the story telling elements? This is Overkill, they're known for good co-op based games, not story driven, broad option gaming like TellTale.

I think TellTale sated the storytellers among gamers, now we want something we can truly be tested in, and so far there has been no good action WD game. This is it's chance.

equal_youth2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

i hoped for a bit story telling so the world in which we play doesn't feel hollow. else we could just wait for left4dead3.

edit: just saw that you mentioned Left4Dead in your comment above ^^
so i see what you mean. i have yet to play any of the payday games.