AMD and Havok to Optimize Physics for Gaming

AMD and Havok today announced plans to jointly investigate the optimization of physics effects utilizing AMD's full line of products.

With over 100 developers and 300 leading titles already using Havok's physics engine - Havok Physics – the company has clearly defined its position as the leading developer of game physics. By working together, both companies are demonstrating their commitment to open standards and continued support for the needs of the game community.

"As the complexity and visual fidelity of video games increases, AMD wants to take advantage of opportunities to improve the game experience," said Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager, Graphics Products Group, AMD. "By working with the clear market leader in physics software, AMD can optimize our platforms to consistently deliver the best possible visual experience to the gamer."

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DeadlyFire3781d ago

Whats up with that pic. Physx SDK is owned by NVIDIA.

Doesn't Intel own Havok now? So why are they helping AMD all of a sudden? Plans to buy them since Via is approaching the market with NVIDIA?

W S K3781d ago

hmmmm....i think PhysX (by Aegeia...dont know if spelled right) and Havok are two different products by two different brands

But PhysX belongs now to Nvidia (thats right)
and AMD is now getting Havoc (which is a good thing)
so lets see who will deliver the better product
I think PhysX is better (atleast what i saw)...but i dont like Nvidia (they are almost like Intel, Overpriced and not that much more performance...the price/performance percentage isnt right)...ill stick with ATI/AMD, they both offer the right performance for the right amount of money in my eyes