Metal Gear Solid 4: The San Francisco Launch

Kotaku reports: "Just a scant hour ago I made the trek down to the Powell Street GameStop to take in the midnight launch of Metal Gear Solid 4. Upon arrival, I was greeted with a line that went halfway down the block and around the corner. Roughly seventy five to a hundred and people waited patiently for the doors to open so they could once again get their hands on their beloved Solid Snake. First in line was lucky Kiattikhun Ratanatharathorn, known as "Bank" to his friends (pictured after the jump) who had been waiting for his prize since 6pm. He was accompanied by his friend James Demonico who wasn't actually there for the game but he owed "Bank" money so he came along for the ride (now I guess we know why they call him "Bank")."

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spacetoilet3778d ago

Capcom's Rolento was there huh.

ikiru33853778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

^^^ that's ocelot from mgs3, genius.

AllseeingEye3778d ago

I have to wait till after work to pick my copy up....dear god this day will be dragging.

kingme713778d ago

>First in line was lucky Kiattikhun Ratanatharathorn

This guy officially wins the "I'd like to buy a vowel" award

qwert3778d ago

AH HA HA HA HA ...look at that guys waiting for a game that is a Masterpice and possible game of the decade! HA HA HA ! We the xbots like more to be idiots and wait for trash games like gaylo 3 and farts of war, that pieces of sh!t, that really worth our stupid time! We love to wait just to play in our crapy console, because it is always in maintenance due RROD! Isn't that funny?

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