How Rise Of The Tomb Raider's Xbox One Exclusivity Will End

Some day in the future, Square Enix will probably announce PS4 and PC versions of Rise of the Tomb Raider. The road to that announcement, however, will be long and painful.

Here's a rough timeline of how everything's going to play out:

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ArchangelMike2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

The road won't be that long. Phil Spencer has confirmed that it is a timed exclusive deal. Here's the Eurogamer article

It will then definately come to PS4 and PC platforms in early 2016.

MysticStrummer2236d ago

I'm amazed they confirmed this so fast.

DigitalHope2236d ago

I think they had too. Far to much rage out there. The bad PR train was aimed mostly at CD and SE, MS just side stepped before it hit them full force.

MS comes out looking a little better this way.

Still a waste of money.

LAWSON722236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Unlike what most people think MS is not stupid

Testfire2236d ago

Doesn't matter, I'll still never buy it, at least a new copy. I did buy the original reboot, but this will be a rental or used copy. I won't financially support CD any more.

MysticStrummer2236d ago

"I won't financially support CD any more."

I'd buy it if I liked the last TR, but I didn't. Still haven't finished it. Every time I sit down to finish it up I can't play long before wanting to play something else. It's not bad but it's not TR to me.

DigitalHope2236d ago

I was actually going to buy TR:DE a week before Rise just to replay the story. Not now though. I will rent Rise, but its going to need to be one hell of a game for me to buy it.

Kidmyst2236d ago

I think Feb of 2016 it'll be on PS4, once pre-orders open up we'll see if there is a date but until then I think it's only going to be a few months exclusive. Besides it's a year or more away, we might have so much to play then we could really care less anymore.

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Masterh0ppa2236d ago ShowReplies(1)
MasterCornholio2236d ago

I hope so because I really enjoyed the first one on my PS4.

starrman19852236d ago

He does beat around the question a little, but he does also state that they haven't got exclusivity to the franchise (not the single game), he also compares the deal to Ryse and DR3, both of which probably wont come to PS4.

It'll be interesting to see how it pans out, I do think it'll hit PS4/PC mid 2016 though.

LAWSON722236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

He pretty much says it is not his franchise or company, and it is up to CD and Sqaure to do what they want when the deal is over. For example Capcom decided to not bring DR3 to PS4 despite being able to and the same can be said for Crytek. They have an exclusive lock on the game until the time is up and then it is up to the owners of the game to do what they want.

MS has nothing to do with those games only coming to PC, it is up to the developers and publishers

VforVideogames2236d ago

First Titanfall and now Tomb Raider? whats next the last of us?

Clogmaster2236d ago

Sony hasn't gone full Sega as far as I'm concerned.

incendy352236d ago

Nowhere do they mention the time frame. In fact, all Spencer says is that he did not buy the franchise and it is up to the developer what they do. The developer says it is only being brought to Xbox, so that is where we are.

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04soldier2236d ago

awesome thanx for the info..

OC_MurphysLaw2236d ago

LOL ... Rise of the Tomb Raider will end after the credits play and I eject the disc. This whole situation is so over blown its comical and sad all at the same time.

Clogmaster2236d ago

It's a small reflection of humanity in general.

Trust has been a part of human evolution for thousands of years, so it's only natural that people behave this way when they feel betrayed no matter how serious or silly the matter is.

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Speak_da_Truth2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

If the road is that long not only will I loose interest,but I wouldn't spend a dime on it. All the Dlc's included in the other versions (xb1, 360 and Pc) wouldn't bribe me just like PvZ Ea is not gonna see a dime from me for that Game. I know I'm just one person and that's fine.

Reason why i will loose interest: Busy trying to Plat UC4 and find all da treasures or whatever collectible is in Uc. Then other games like The Division, The order, raibow six siege etc.........

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