EDGE Review: Race Driver: GRID

As development teams become more sprawling, and as increasing numbers of art assets are outsourced to remote studios in the east, it must be extremely tempting for developers to indulge in external post-processing to bring pre-release screenshots to the level of 'polish' that they expect of the final product. Internet forum dwellers, hawk-like in their awareness, intolerant of deception (perceived or actual), and quick to coin a phrase, have long dubbed these images 'bullshots', at least partly as a deterrent.

There was some doubt when early screens from Race Driver Grid surfaced as to whether they were entirely the work of Codemasters' proprietary EGO engine. Suspicion was accentuated by the knowledge that TOCA Race Driver 3 was announced alongside a series of incredibly detailed target renders – high standards of which the final game fell well short. With the release of Grid it has become a moot point if the screenshots were doctored, most would have trouble identifying any exposed seams in comparison to the finished article.

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