MGS4 @ IGN's Black Beta Night (XboxOZ360)

"Even Xbox360 fans can appreciate a decent game, irrespective of the platform.

While some readers might be wondering why an Xbox 360 dedicated site such as us would attend a PS3 evening . . ? Well the answer is very simple really. All games deserve to be discussed, irrespective of the platform. And while we are a Xbox 360 dedicated site, games such as MGS4, which is arguably the showcase game for the PS3, deserve to be seen by all those who are into 'gaming' - not platform fanboyism . . .

So with that in mind, Steven and Adam Sutton and myself set off into the rainy Sydney evening to check out the new, and final installment of the Metal Gear franchise as we know it, MGS4.

Metal Gear Solid 4 on the big cinema screen, let me tell you, it was something I have never experienced before. The quality of the opening cinema is breathtaking, you would be excused for thinking this was a blockbuster Hollywood production..."

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Fishy Fingers3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Nice to see respect from the "opposition". Although I think this really is a game every (real) gamer should play. It's something special, something that wont bless your HDTV everyday. Titles like these are few and far between.

If your a 360 only owner, pester a PS3 owning friend into letting you borrow it after their completion. This could be the game to show you limiting your options to one format is a mistake.

I've never been so confident to recommend a game.

10 Fingers :)

Superfragilistic3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

I'm not going to ask where those "fingers" have been... But I agree. This game rocks and that site could teach some N4G users a lot! :)


Good to know! Your nickname's been giving me dirty connotations for months now! lol

And now back to more important things... Act 2 MGS4 :)

Fishy Fingers3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

LOL... a commen misconception, it's actually a nick name my buddies gave me.

Back in our Counter Strike Source days (still going) my PC micro was so good that there must be something "fishy" about my "fingers".

Nothing to do with, well, what you probably imagine ;)

kewlkat0073781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

"If your a 360 only owner, pester a PS3 owning friend into letting you borrow it after their completion. This could be the game to show you limiting your options to one format is a mistake."

Some could say exactly the same for certain Xbox 360 games, but at the Same time I understand this is MGS, and trust me it's not for everyone. As well as myself, I'm thinking about it, I wish it had a DEMO.

It will satisfy its fanbase first, well see what it does after.

sonarus3781d ago

lol hmmm your explanation is fishy at best...i'm goint to run with my imagination on this one:)

Fishy Fingers3781d ago


Rent it if your unsure, MGS fan or not, this game will not disappoint. Id put money on it, if you rent, the following day you will buy.

Don't let all the talk of "Zomg the story is sooo complex", it doesnt have to be to enjoy the experience!

NO_PUDding3781d ago

There aren't any games I'd like to have an Xbox360 for.

Becuase all this exclsuives are rather generic.

The reason you need to play this is becuase you shouldn't even have to buy it, borrow, but just play it, becuase it's no revolutionary or evolutionary or innovative, but it's different.

It's a deviation from normal game design, and a deviation closer to hardcore gamers than casual, which is an unusual occurence these days.

XboxOZ3603781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Wrong thread - sorry.

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XboxOZ3603781d ago

Well we like to think we don't think of games as just a platform. As many games eventually see their lives change over time, and become multiplatform, opening up the opportunity of play for even more people.

There's only a few games on the PS3 that would warrant me buying one, if I could, and this is most certainly one of the majors. And sure, like ALL games, it has it's quibbles and misgivings here and there, what game doesn't, but as you say, it's one of those games that warrants looking at, no matter what platform you support.

We at the site like to think of ourselves as Gamers first, and have simply chosen the 360 as our 'main' choice. Many of whom have a PS3, and one is doing a review on the game as we speak. So we'll make sure it's up as soon as it's finished.

To the fanboys out there, get over it, we're gamers at heart, and this idiotic fan-boy war, especially on this site, has gone on long enough. Let's get back to simply dealing with gaming . . irrespective of your platform of choice.

Fishy Fingers3781d ago

Props to you and your site, it certainly makes for a refreshing change to see someone take your stance (games before manufacturer).

Look forward to the review :)

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3781d ago

never saw that coming especially a review that most your readers won't be able to use. If the review is inline with this article then you truly are GAMERS. Hope you give a true and unbiased opinion and don't just bash it to stroke some hurt feelings and egos. @ fishy bubbles for the BEST avatar on N4G!!

Superfragilistic3781d ago

The more this site takes the attitude of yours the better. Bubbles. :)

I wonder if any of the other 360 sites will follow your lead?

XboxOZ3603781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Thanks Fishy . that sounds SO odd and - strange - . .anyhow . .cheers . . We'll have it up soon as poss, while still not running through it JUST to get a review up. We'd rather take our time, than rush any game just for a review to be up first. It's nice when they are,m but gameplay comes first. Otherwise, what's the point in putting up a review . .?

@ DontH8... We have a totally open mind here. Sure, we have chosen a platform to 'support' and we may well be on MS's main Community Sites web page, but all of us are gamers. Many 'younger' gamers think I'm WAY too old to be 'playin' games' as some say. But games are there for us all to enjoy . . it helps us remember that we were all kids once, and that we can enjoy life, irrespective of our age or platform choices.

It's a shame so many "members" cough cough on this site find it a nessesity to bad-mouth or report article simply because they are from the other side of the fence, so to speak. If we all just looked at what was prewsented, and READ what is being presented, we may all learn something.

That is, that gaming is for everyone, not just those with one platform, or the other. And for those of us that simply can NOT afford to have more than one, as well as the huge array of games that come with a single platform, does NOT make us Fanboys or haters of the other platform. It simply means we have "limits" in our personal life that really do NOT need explaining to all-in-sundry.

So onward and upward for gaming I say. and Yes, that's me in the pic with the Atari T . which I managed to get from Atari some years ago, and is somewhat of a desired item now so I believe.

Superfragilistic3781d ago

"Yes we can. Yes we can. Yes we can..."

Vote XboxOZ360 in '08 for "CHANGE - we can believe in".

Good stuff mate! :)

sonarus3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

N4G wouldn't be the same without the fanboys.. Discussions here would get terribly lame like were sitting around chatting about art with our sophisticated dialogue eating biscuits and sipping tea...with pinky up off course.

Considering majority of your readers are 360 owners, this review might piss them off...unless off course you give it a low score, haha

Skerj3781d ago

But I love discussing art while drinking tea and flailing my pinky around D:

Superfragilistic3781d ago

I'll just be stoked when games are considered art in the mainstream and not just some strange addictive hobby of young white guys wearing glasses and pimples in their parent's basement! ;) lol

MetalProxy3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

no matter how you spin it man you are a fanboy (limits? come on). You chose one system over another.

XboxOZ3603781d ago

Completely disagree with you there mate.

Just because a person chooses one console over another does NOT make them a "Fanboy" it makes them a supporter of a particular system. A "fanboy" is more the type of person who will not oor is not open to the possibility that other things exist outside their range of thinking, much like you're doing right now.

You're the ONLY person on here from the Sony Camp who is unable to see that we are ALL gamers in the end, and hopefully can benefit from coexisting. If someone can only afford one system, and for their money, sees more value for them in whatever system they choose, does not make them a instant "fanboy" . . . .

I personally have a PS2, several Collectors 1st-Gen Xbox's, a Hello Kitty Collectors Dreamcast (only 750 of them sold worldwide), as Nintendo Virtual Boy (you can find pics of them, try finding one in the flesh), DS, PSone. However, my CHOICE of gaming platform happens to be the Xbox because for me, it gives me the abilities I desire and access to the games "I prefer" plus with a much larger collection of them as well.

Between my son and I, we have several PS2's and various gaming machines, that would make us gamers, not fanboys now wouldn't it. But at this point in my life, I prefer my 360, but I'm open to discussing gaming and games, with the operative word being "discussing"on any platform with other mature, like minded adults.

Unlike some who seem to think that owning a certain platform makes you a Fanboy . . . I'm afraid you're wrong there mate. Just read some of the comments from other Sony Gamers . .(notice the word gamer, not Fanboy)

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Skerj3781d ago

I wish this mentality carried further than rabid fanboyism does elsewhere, Kudos to XboxOz.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3781d ago

i'm so excited I'm grabbing this sooon as I get off work in a couple of hours!!!! this round of bubbles on me! bubbles for all!!

Syronicus3781d ago

I own all three systems and regardless of what system a great game plays on, I will be there in the front lines playing those great games. No single system will hamper me from getting my hands on the games that make my hobby what it is. it's all about the games, not the fanboy wars.

Again, good read and I appreciate a wise bit of journalism from time to time. Keep up the good work.

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