Is it cos I is a Zombie?

It's been almost a year since Resident Evil 5's E3 trailer was released, yet those three minutes of Chris Redfield shooting black zombies are still courting controversy in the media, with accusations of racism abounding. But is this all just politically correct nonsense, or will Capcom's latest zombie basher land itself in seriously hot water?

First, PLAY are not here to give you guys a history lesson, there are plenty of text books that can tell you about the host of atrocities that white Europeans have committed in Africa. Resi 5's trailer may or may not be racist, but the argument that "we've shooted white zombies in Spain, why can't we shoot black zombies in Africa" simply ignores the issue at hand. The depiction of a white man in a Third World country, killing black villagers, rendered as inhuman creatures, carries with it certain connotations that will never manifest in other scenarios.

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