Guardian reviews Ninja 'Garden' (sic) 2

Cracking typo from the Guardian as they review Ninja Gaiden 2 in their technology section

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Condoleezza Rice3778d ago

Playing the game,will have my own review up as a blog post in the near future.

Calcio3778d ago

D'oh! Blame the sub not the writer, I reckon...

Shaka2K63778d ago

Genji 2 on the PS3 had better scores even though its a PS3 exclusive game.
i mean Genji 2 is alot better then ninja generic 2.

bababrooks3778d ago

i have to disagree shaka though you are entitled to your opinion!

qwert3778d ago

Ninja gayden 2 is not a flop, wtf are you talking about? Ninja gayden 2 is the best horsesh!t game i ever played, man...You are completly happy because of that spectacular game, that Marvelous game that you are going to play that is MGS4, that GOTY!... who dares to compare Genji 2 a decent game whith our crap games that we have in our crap comsole xbox360, nice pile of sh!t!...

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kevnb3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

The game is great, story and other aspects are only important if the game you're playing make them important. Every time I hear comments about story I think im listening to a sony fanboy, since that is the sony style game (strong cinematic sotry, gameplay comes second). Does it make sense that a review would be negative and say the only thing nailed was the gameplay? Isnt gameplay the core of a game? How many other action titles have this kind of ai? How many other action titles have this much variety in weapons and moves/combos? Gameplay wise NG2 just kills all competition, end of story. And I think the camera is fine, that right trigger button has to be used (funny how alot of reviewers failed to realize this).

DARK WITNESS3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

well, it just depends on what you look for in a game.

I am no sony fanboy, i have always said i like my xbox more. however, for me the story is very important.

If i look back at all the games i have played, especially over the last 3 generations, its the games that have great stories that i have loved the most and played the most.

it really depends how immersed you are in the world you are a part of.

sure the games got great AI, but what is the drive for fighting them...

i am not a reviewer, but i will mark a game down for having a crap story. anyone can build a square room, throw something in to smash up and call it a game if that is the case. The story gives purpose to the whole process. the level design, the music, sound, art style all come from the fact that you are trying to build a world that the player will believe, why do you need to believe, because something is driving the charter to do what he does and thats the story.

The only games that don't really need a story are sports games, racing games etc, but even then your goal is set and you build your own stories from it every time you win.

To me everything is important... and a game that pulls everything together at the highest quality gets the top marks in my book.

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