Loose Threads: Which is the best handheld console of all time?

Gamers are a choosy lot. Browse the Pocket Gamer forums and you're not unlikely to come across someone stating something along the lines of, "But the metrosexual in this RPG doesn't have spiky enough hair", or, "But I wanted a gun that shoots uranium-tipped shuriken, not white hot carpentry nails", and even "Where are the Goomba-powered helicopters upholstered in real Bowser hide? This kart piloted by an Italian plumber simply will not do".

Yes, gamers are hard to please and never more so than when it comes to their hardware of choice. Being somewhat niche and proud as it is in the handheld realm, pocket gamers are an especially selective bunch so Pocket Gamer thought they'd put the big question out there: Which is the best handheld console of all time?

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