European PlayStation Store Now Has Previews

TheSixthAxis: "We might be a day or so late here, but we've just realised that the European PlayStation Store now features video previews of key games just like the US Store does. The videos stream within the Store itself, and are actually pretty cool and give a decent idea of what the game is like in the absence of actual demos."

The games with preview features are: Bowling, Dark Mist, fl0w, GT 5 Prologue, Pixeljunk Racers, Sky Diving, Toy Home and Warhawk.

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Blackcanary3785d ago

i'm happy they finaly listened to our complents.

juuken3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

I'm happy too. You guys deserve the same treatment.

nanometric3785d ago

Screw the previews, I want PSN cards, god dammit!!!

thehitman3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

this is soooo old. Had this like mid last year. Also I thought it was done in a FW so idk how EU couldn have it when every1 gets same FW updates.

shrep3784d ago

Is it just my PS3 or has the pitch been lowered in the GT5 preview?

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