DayZ On PS4 – Pay For A Console Port Of An Unfinished Game By A Guy Ditching His Own Project?

Blaine Smith of XMMORPG writes:

If you're a little behind on all things Gamescom Dean Hall of Bohemia Interactive today announced that the popular multiplayer zombie survival game, DayZ, will be launching on Sony's PlayStation 4. My response? I laughed a little before having to swallow a little bit of my own sick

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MRMagoo1232193d ago

Its a very popular game and I love watching youtubers such as frankie play it, why wouldnt ppl buy it ?

CaptainCamper2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

I won't argue that it has a large fan base and although the game, for early access, has some qualities - that's not my problem with it.

My problem is the constant flood of liquidated excrement that has been drowning fans with the myriad of false promises, ridiculously slow development cycle for even the most vital foundation mechanics, and the fact the creator is prepared to bail before the project is even fully realized.

Many thousands of people enjoy DayZ and that's fantastic. However I felt the developers promised a very different game to what we're playing today, and that's where my disappointment sits.

MRMagoo1232193d ago

yeh its got a lot of work yet to do but who knows , maybe getting it onto consoles with the same kind of architecture as pc will help with the bugs and speed along the process, i am sure sony will be helping with it and MS too if it is coming to the xbone.

ChrisW2193d ago

Similar to what MRMagoo said...

This can only benefit the development for the PC.

fr0sty2193d ago

He did clearly state that the console version was going to enable perks to be added to the PC version as well, which means Sony is probably funding some of the development for the port which is giving them the resources they need to put more time and a larger team into the game.

ramiuk12193d ago

i dont even get why tehy want this on there console.
H1Z1 is coming and looks alot better,dayz looks broken and as you say wasnt he gonna ditch the game himself at one point

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Timesplitter142193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

They read on reddit that there were bugs in the game and herd mentality did the rest.

also I found out a lot of people think Early Access means "magical early full game release" and not "game that is broken and incomplete BY DEFINITION"

ATi_Elite2193d ago

Dean Hall is an idiot. You think he learned a thing or two from Crytek. Ditching the PC to make console games leads to Bankruptcy

I loved DayZ but with it now receiving no support I have UNISTALLED it completely.

Besides Breaking Point is way better.

CorndogBurglar2193d ago

Holy crap! You UNISTALLED it?

I tristalled it.

showtimefolks2193d ago

looks interesting will give it a shot

if this was coming to xbox one than xbox fanboys would be all over it, but since its on ps4 than hate mode supercharged

ATi_Elite2191d ago

LOL Sony Gamers hated it when it was a PC exclusive even though it was CLEARLY the greatest Zombie game ever.

Most Sony gamers NEVER played it but usually found something to complain about, imagine that.

"Oh what a Buggy Mess" even though the StandAlone is solid.

So both consoles have fanboys who just wanna complain.

Yes I'm a PC gamer complaining but Deans reveal brought light to the truth.

Dean was not fully focused on the PC version as Dayz development was really slow compared to Breaking Point which is like bigger better and further along.

plus if Dean can't properly complete the PC version how is he gonna complete a PS4 version?

plus Dean is suppose to be leaving soon anyway.

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solar2193d ago

so much fun to troll in DayZ.

HappyWithOneBubble2193d ago

I'm not buying it. Watched enough on Twitch. Looks boring.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2193d ago

I had the mod for Arma 2 and if it's anything like it I'll pass. It was good for a few hours but really got repetitive. Get guns, Survive, Die -> cycle begins

Timesplitter142193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

If I really had to pick one best game ever, it would be DayZ. DayZ does something almost no other game does and that is to create actual anecdotes and experiences that feel like you actually really lived them.

In almost every corner of the map, I can remember crazy stuff that happened to me. For instance I'll see a barn and say to my friend "hah remember when we both had our legs broken and we managed to kill a guy in that barn and craft splints after crawling for half an hour?". No game designer planned these moments for me. They simply HAPPENED to me. It makes an immense difference when compared to scripted events.

I've been playing DayZ for 2 years now and there is simply nothing like it. I can't find anything to replace it and it has changed my views on what games should be. You are most likely missing out. The buggy engine is a problem, but you learn to live with it. And watching streams absolutely does not compare to playing the game with a friend.

ATi_Elite2193d ago

Breaking point runs on the Arma 3 engine and the game is further along than dayz. Alot further along.

Better zombies
Character classes (hunter ranger murdere survivalist nomad outlaw etc)
Build structures
No Ghosting
50 plus guns
Underwater action
Instant co op mode
Dynamic weather
Better graphics
Way more stable

Breaking Point is where the Real Zombie Apocalypse is at.

Timesplitter142193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

There are ArmA mods that are better than DayZ on paper, but none of them really have a future, and that's the problem.

There's a lot to look forward to in DayZ. It's always fun to know there's new stuff coming. And as a game programmer, I can tell you the speed at which they are developing the game is completely normal

Codewow2193d ago

Have fun with the bugs PS4 users!

LAWSON722193d ago

I would rather play the bug ridden Dead Island than this broken game.

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