Gametrailers reviews Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots

Gametrailers MGS4 Review


Story: 8.7
Design: 9.0
Game play: 8.9
Presentation 9.8

Overall: 9.3


1. 'It’s sure to inspire just as much love, hate, discussion, and debate as any other game in the series.'

2. 'Crisp razor sharp details.'

3. A unique, multi-layered experience that, when all is said and done, is a worthy conclusion to an important series. In addition to coming through as a sequel, the game stands as a ringing endorsement for the technical capabilities of the PlayStation 3. Some elements of the game aren’t as progressive as its technology, but taken as whole it’s still one of the most remarkable games of this generation.
(Num.3 Taken from Metacritic)

Amount of spoilers:

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donator4646d ago (Edited 4646d ago )

Game looks amazing even in a video. Only a few more hours until I can pick up my copy.

EDIT: 8.7 For story... I'm sorry, but that's lame. I admit I haven't played the game yet, but even the trailers for MGS4 fill me with emotions that I usually don't feel when playing other video games.

I guess Gametrailers just doesn't like complex stories that require cognitive energy to understand. They probably just enjoy the simpler things in life; totally acceptable. Too bad they're missing out.

sonarus4646d ago

fvkin 8.7 for story...WTF:(

The review wasn't worth the spoiler hints i received that have permanently scarred me now:(

Jamie Foxx4646d ago

has no credibility we all know that of late,they gave halo 3 higher for their story that says it all

TheHater4646d ago

I don't think Gametrailers know what a good story is. This is the same site that gave Halo 3 a 9.5 on it story. And if you are like me, and have finish the single player mode for Halo 3, you will know how lame the story actually was.

CrazedFiend4646d ago (Edited 4646d ago )

Somebody tell GameTrailers that MGS4 is ACTUALLY a 360 game in disguise!!!

Rock Bottom4646d ago

Yeah because Halo3 had a better story(9,5). Retarded game trailer. >_>

Winter47th4646d ago (Edited 4646d ago )

I have never seen a more unprofessional review from gametrailers as this one, they haven's even mentioned MGO even though it's a major component of the same game/same disc, and an outstanding one, Halo3's VR concentrated more on MP and yet it got 9.5 in story, and to give 8.7 to the story while Halo3 gets 9.5 is nothing but another nail to GT's credibility coffin.

You know, the more unjust reviews, criticism and fanboyistic remarks the PS3 receives, the more i fall in love with this console.

Everyone can keep up their blind fanboyism, but the truth is, their efforts to distort how much quality the PS3 has is like shoving sh!t against the tide, useless and quite pathetic.

4646d ago
Diugu4646d ago (Edited 4646d ago )

I feel that game reviewers have no basis to score a game. They just choose whatever and give the game a score without justification.

I mean... 9,3 is a great score. I could understand why they gave it a high score but I couldnt understand why they took points away. I am not saying they are wrong, I will have my opinion once I play it, I just wish they would be more clear.

(This happens to many scores I've seen lately)

I mean, it is nonsensical to give some games with NO story a higher score in STORY than MGS. I just dont get it.

Jack Meahoffer4646d ago

I'm amazed at you whiners claiming every reviewer that scores the game lower than YOU think it should be is biased even though YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED the game YET!


WAAAAAAH! All I care about is how my consoles flagship game LOOKS in the media! WAAAAH. How unfair someone that actually played the game scored it lower than someone that hasn't played it THINKS it should score. WAAAAH!

consolewar4645d ago (Edited 4645d ago )

yep I knew this. Good thing is this didn't take 2 long to come wait. So we can expect the next 9(1st party) game by 2010 right?. Kim you were right...maybe next year.

This is waiting is been replace by..........

godamn this is waiting.

PS. No wonder you guys are mad/jealous.

KingKirchner4645d ago

they also gave GTAIV a 10 on Story...

Jinxstar4645d ago

It's an opinion. They say the story is repetitive and slow but good. Many parts are like watching a slide show... I will admit I have played every game of the series and just took a break and I am enjoying the game so far but it is true. All the past games have had extremely long cut scenes that can be repetitive as well. Lastly with the huge MGS Blow out on GT of late I don't think they are fan boys. 8.7 is still good and well above average. They can be a tough site.

wallace10004645d ago

Basically what Jinxstar said. Any review is one persons opinion. It isn't a competition to see which game gets the highest score, but an aid to help you decide what games you are going to buy. MGS4 gets a great review so everyone should be happy. If you planned on buying MGS4 anyways, then reviews don't really matter because you will own the game and form your own opinion.

Xi4645d ago

a game that's smart doesn't require a complex, overly convoluted story. The most comples stories are extremely simple, not like the ones in MGS4.

Bad stories need a lot of twists and a bunch of subthemes
they have paper thin character with extremely awkward backstories
they're overly complex.

All these things MGS4 suffers from.

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Brian52474646d ago

And a 9.5 for Halo 3's. GT is so slanted its not even funny.

Shaka2K64646d ago

Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

More proff that gametrailers is a microsoft website.

crck4646d ago (Edited 4646d ago )

I guess I must be a Halo master since I finished it in about 7 hrs on normal. I wonder how much MS paid for each imaginary hour they added to the game review.

Ninja-Sama4646d ago

They gave Halo 3's story a 9.5? Wow...

poos34646d ago

9/10 mgs4 will never get goty gears scaored higher halo 3 also

pimpstation4645d ago

Halo 2.5 story - 9.5
MGS4 story - 8.7

That's all I need to see. This review means nothing, and Gametrailers should be shut down. Seriously, that's the funniest thing I've seen in a very long time. How is it possible to even publish such nonsense, even if M$ is paying you?


"I guess I must be a Halo master since I finished it in about 7 hrs on normal"

Normal is pretty easy dude. If you can beat halo3 on legendary with no co-op in less than 15 hours, i'd wire $100,000.00 to your pay pal account. I'm thinking my money is satying safe where it is ;)

AngryTypingGuy4645d ago (Edited 4645d ago )

Deservedly so. Halo has a great story. But then again, so does MGS. I don't know how the story goes in MGS4 yet, so I can't comment on it. Come to think of it, I don't think many of you know how the story goes in MGS4 yet either, since it just launched...

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Silogon4646d ago

Assassins Creed is a 10, though. Right? Please, just stop reviewing games and shut the **** up! Halo 3, 10? Please.

bioshock4646d ago

its gamers who counts...and i ve been playing this game,in act 1 so far i contacted meryl (rat patrol team) in the middle east now im headin for liquids camp...and its aweosme, the action the gfx, man i dont far words how much this game is kool, the music proves again tht harry gregson williams is the best..AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME>>>>>> ;>.i will give it 10/10.....go go pick it up man .oops im goin to play bye bye...

Veryangryxbot4646d ago

9.3 haha.

And they wonder why nobody takes them serious.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4646d ago

You mean - GameTraitors.con!!! ;-D

Story: 8.7??? ;-D Oh dear!!! They just don't get it!!!;)
10/10 Story!!!;)