Journey and Unfinished Swan Developers Targeting 60fps; Cross-Buy Compatibility and 1080p Confirmed

Earlier today, Sony announced that two of its most critically acclaimed games, Journey and The Unfinished Swan will be getting ported to the PlayStation 4. This is great news of course but some gamers wanted to know specifics such as how the games will differ graphically from their PlayStation 3 counterparts. Thankfully, they were able to get some of these answers.

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Relientk772724d ago

Excited to get Journey for PS4

Yi-Long2724d ago

Very very happy it will be cross-buy. Already have it on PS3 and loved it. Gorgeous experience, fantastic music. Looking forward to now play it in FullHD.

Romudeth2724d ago

So am I. I wanted a port of it ever since the system launched. I can't wait to relive the journey again lol

nucky642724d ago

agreed - and it's very generous for them to give it to all of the people who have purchased it on ps3....can't wait to dload it!!

starchild2724d ago

Yep, I'm getting Journey again. It's such a special game. The 1080p and 60fps will be nice.

starchild2724d ago


Did any of you catch when it is supposed to be available? Or was it even announced?

nucky642724d ago

no - no announcement that I have seen. hey, play that P.T. demo on ps4. it scared the crap out of me!

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Chris0922724d ago

Nice with the cross buy! Already own Journey on Ps3. :)

Transporter472724d ago

I own both so I am happy camper.

DigitalRaptor2724d ago

With cross-buy, I already owned PS4 games before I even owned a PS4.

Cross-buy is tremendous.

Saito2724d ago

My eyes are not ready.

Romudeth2724d ago

Is your soul ready, though? THAT is the question, my friend.

Nine_Thousaaandd2724d ago

Thank you! I was waiting for cross-buy confirmation...awesome!

Romudeth2724d ago

Sony knows how to treat their fans. This is excellent news indeed.

Master-H2724d ago

Sweet, already have Journey (well, on my buddy's account which i use too lol) , free ps4 version ftw! man cross buy is the shit.

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The story is too old to be commented.