1UP Review: Metal Gear Solid 4

As Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots' first act draws to a close, the villain's first experimental step toward his grand scheme goes awry. Unexpectedly, this prompts him to gloat to series protagonist Solid Snake that his failure has proven, at last, that both hero and foe are more than mere duplicates of their "father," the legendary soldier from whom they were cloned. In his triumph, he repeats a motif that's run through the entire Metal Gear saga: the struggle for individualism and freedom in the face of the deterministic rules laid down by society. This conflict has surfaced in every chapter of the series to date -- whether in a patriot's sacrifice for her nation, a supersoldier declaring himself to be more than a tool of the government, or in Snake himself telling his protégé that life isn't merely a struggle to survive and propagate -- and finds its ultimate expression in MGS4. Snake's tale comes to its climax as he teams up with allies drawn from 50 years of continuity, all in an effort to thwart a global scheme that threatens the very notion of free will. It is, in short, precisely what the grand finale of a legendary franchise should be: grand, final, and thoroughly steeped in its own lore.

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sonarus3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Remember this day Playstation fans. This is the closest a PS3 game will ever come to an A on off course the game is also on the 360

Jamie Foxx3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

GOTY nomatter what 1up say,graphics wise new benhmark set.

madness3782d ago

weird.... review seemed quite negative yet MGS4 still got an A-

Condoleezza Rice3782d ago

Any site that alters and removes reviews for fear of loss of Ad money is a joke.

mikeslemonade3782d ago

Boycott 1up? Nah i'm kidding 1up is entertaining. The score is kinda low because an A- isn't 90 percent like in School. 1up has 15 possible scores A+,A, A-,- F+, F, F- etc. so really an A- is 13/15 which is 86.666666%.

Big Jim3782d ago

Strange, because metacritic lists 1UP's score as a 91. I'm not saying you're wrong and metacritic is right, but whats the deal?

mikeslemonade3782d ago

I'm probably wrong then because originally 1up intended a C to be a 5/10 which is an average game. It's just confusing to put letters in review scores. It's never been done before for a reason.

morganfell3782d ago

these guys hate sony, hate the pse. otherwise the game would have received an A+. best game i have ever played, and i mean ever. getting ready to go back and link up with rat patrol.

QuackPot3782d ago


LBP will be unstoppable....

...then comes the King of Kings....GOD OF WAR 3.

5/5, 10/10, 100/100, A etc, etc. It will be a unanimous verdict for both of these game without doubt.

barom3782d ago

it's a shame that some of the MGS fans at 1up has left. I bet Bryan Inithar or Mark Mcdonald would be a more appropiate reviewer. Shane is kinda too big of a fan so he's kinda blinded. Jeremy, I've never even seen him talking about MGS before. I don't know. I seem to loose faith in 1up.

I LOVE my xbox3781d ago


Hahahaah just kidding!!!!!

It's game of the century. I feel bad for whoever has not played this game yet. You're REALLY REALLY REALLY missing out.

harrisk9543781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

is translating the 1up review as a 91.... how does an A translate into a 91? It just as easily could have been a 95 or 100???

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krackchap3782d ago

not surprised coming from 1up

Whoooop3782d ago

Free KY cream for the bots.... Let's make that rape a more comfortable one.


goldenzealot3782d ago

i'll be saying the same thing to you droids when gears 2 comes out ;D

Whoooop3782d ago

Don't take it too seriously... It's late and I'm bored.


I'm actually exited about Gears 2, there's no doubt it will be great.

AngryTypingGuy3781d ago

Do the owners of one console really get that upset when a great exclusive comes out for the other one? I don't. But then again, I have a life outside of video games too.

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