Sony Closes With New Exclusives At GameCom - Tearaway Unfolded, Alienation, Wild

While Microsoft's presentation was a series of hearty meals, Sony’s was more like a tasting menu. More or less filling smidgeons of new IPs – Q Games’ bewildering The Tomorrow Children (is it a crafting game? An RTS? A Brutal Legend-like hybrid? An undiagnosed skull fracture?)

Hidetaki Miyazaki’s Bloodborne, Mike Bithell’s Volume and Ruffian Games’ cyberpunk shooter Hollowpoint all featured, mixed in with announcements of the PAL roll-out of PlayStation TV and the upcoming UK beta of PlayStation Now in advance of a European rollout in 2015.

However, the event closed with three new games, which certainly help to illustrate the diversity of the product Sony is offering.

Stuart57563573d ago

Wild looks interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing some gameplay.

Prime1573573d ago

Wild is keeping me up tonight...

That and "couch-coop" games over the internet via share-play...

Towerfall ascension! Great game for free with ps+, even! No internet coop... If I can play that with someone not next to me.... well, Wayne's world enthusiasts will agree: SHWING!

Volkama3573d ago

Is that how it works? So you get a stream of the same screen?

So in theory if you were to "jump in" to a friend's first person shooter, would it need to be split screen to support that or could you have your own perspective?

If it is a screen share then it could see a bit of a resurgence in same-screen co-op that that should make the genuine couch gamers happy.

SniperControl3573d ago


I think each person would get there own screen on there own console, dont think playing FC4 on split screen is a good idea, it would just drop the res to less than 720p for each person.

Prime1573573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I agree with sniper, in theory, based off of the thread on this site: http://blog.us.playstation....

That's the psblog btw...

They said to a user comment: user said, "So with Share Play, would this allow me to play a couch co-op game, like Towerfall with a friend online?"

And this is the copy / paste for the blog:

Scott McCarthy's Avatar
+ Scott McCarthy on August 12th, 2014 at 12:35 pm said:
"Yes that is the right way to think about it. Titles that have a couch co-op mode have the opportunity to the same way via Share Play. "

To me, that is the biggest gamescom news... overshadowed by tomb raider negativity.

Volkama3572d ago

I don't know, I think that response would suggest that in the case of a first person game you could share a split screen, and not have your own perspective.

It makes sense, as I read the remote player does not actually install anything so they are streaming straight from the other PS4, and I don't think the PS4 will be rendering the whole game twice.

Maybe not an ideal way to play a FPS, but a pretty great option for something like Diablo 3 that has proper shared-screen co-op.

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starchild3573d ago

Alienation, Tearaway and Wild all looked really great. I do have to comment on just how great some of these so-called indie games can look. Fantastic visuals aren't exclusively the territory of the big AAA as some seem to think.

SniperControl3573d ago

Well said, there are to many hang ups on here from certain fanboys for not playing indie games due to graphical fidelity.

My little lad loved Tearaway on the Vita, so might get it for him on the PS4, while Wild looks amazing as well.

dodgemoose3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Tearaway certainly isn't an indie game.

starchild3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Well, I didn't really mean Tearaway when I was talking about the visuals in many indie games being impressive. I know it isn't an indie game, being from one of Sony's successful first party studios. I was really talking about the other two.

garos823573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

with an open world with roughly the size of europe, and dynamic weather Wild has got my attention.

Plus that music during the trailer makes me extremely happy because good music is an indication of a good game*

*according to me :)

dodgemoose3573d ago

I thought it was a nice end to the show. Obviously when MM showed up, I assumed they would be revealing their new IP, but I'm still happy that Tearaway is making its way to PS4. Vita owners, myself included, can complain all they want about it no longer being an exclusive title, but the reality is it's a charming game that deserves a larger audience that it got. Alienation looks very similar to Dead Nation, which I consider a good thing. Looked like there are bosses in it as well, which should be fun. Wild looks very intriguing.

bouzebbal3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Tearaway is the icing on the cake for me. i loved what i saw and the DS4 possibilities are really amazingly implemented in this game.
one more must-have for 2015.
Question is: where is Iota?

i'm glad and i cant wait to make it to gamescom this weekend, looks like Sony's booth will be full of great games!

kratoz12093573d ago

I enjoyed it, ninja theorys new game looks very interesting and also the silent hill reveal was just incredible

bouzebbal3573d ago

i am pretty sure Hellblade is Heavenly Sword 2. Heaven/Hell, Sword/Blade... we need to wait for more details but character design is exactly Heavenly Sword's.

garos823573d ago

i agree, and the reason its named something else is such that it can go multiplat route. Plus the girl in the trailer looks a lot like Kai.

Really excited for this one as i enjoyed heavenly sword alot

MeLoveRamen3573d ago

That is where Sony will always crush Microsoft, is with the exclusives. Sony announced what 5 new legit exclusives only to playstation, no bull timed stuff (tomorrows children, wild, aliennation, gameplay from bloodborne, and rime which was thought to be a timed exclusive, and probably a ton more that i forgot, they showed a buttload of new games.) Where as Microsoft only really announced tomb raider timed exclusive, which all xbox owners already knew about, so mircosoft really disappointed me always with their exclusives or the lack there of and this conference was bad.

chrissx3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I think the Ps4 has no games statements can now rest in peace. Awesome games announced at gamescon

Inception3573d ago

People who keep saying 'PS4 has no games' are just blind fanboys / haters. So don't take their words seriously.

Anyway, next month we have TGS. I'm sure PS4 (and vita, hopefully) will receive more games, be it from sony or 3rd party.

Personally i'm waiting for Disgaea 5, YS 8, the next Tales, and maybe some surprise like Wild Arms 6, Patapon 4, or new JRPG from Japan Studio. But i expect The Last Guardian will have an appearance. It's about time sony answer the fans request to show that TLG is still alive.

Spotie3573d ago

It won't stop, believe me.

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